MAME 0.75

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Release Date

MAME 0.75 was released on 13 October 2003.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Aaron Giles fixed a bug in the time accounting for the V60 which was causing Outrunners to run with flickering sprites and slow music
  • Kobat and Olivier Galibert fixed another V60 bug introduced in 0.74u2 which broke the v70 games (and further broke Outrunners)
  • Aaron Giles fixed some bugs introduced with the timer system changes a while back
    • Hopefully this is the last of them.... Fixes Exterminator and the Atari polygon games. Hopefully doesn't break anything in the process.
    • cpuexec.c
      • changed scanline timing to use floor() to get consistent results
      • fixed bug in time computation if requesting a scanline in the next frame
    • tms34010.c
      • removed 4x executes per loop which screwed up timing
      • fixed internal interrupt generation to get consistent timing results
    • timer.c
      • now uses the active callback as a base time when adjusting timers outside of a CPU context
    • harddriv.c
      • fixed all the games again, but they are slower now due to more necessary interleaving
  • Nathan Woods contributed various fixes
    • Fixes a screenshot handling bug that affected Space Invaders
    • Moves the MESS specific code into a separate module, reducing #ifdef clutter
    • Moved some variable declarations out of for loops so that it can compile in non-GCC compilers
    • Fixes REP CMPSW so that it uses words and not bytes
    • Adds a call cpuintrf_set_dasm_override() that gives drivers the ability to customize disassemblies. This probably isn't very useful for MAME, but it is useful for MESS for things like software interrupts used for BIOS calls.
    • Increases the size of the buffer used when logerror() output goes to OutputDebugString()
    • Moves config.c externs to a header file
    • Adds another call, cli_rc_create(), which creates MAME's rc struct for use elsewhere. (I'm actually creating a debug time consistency check feature for MAME32, to verify at runtime that the arguments that MAME32 has are consistent with MAME's).
    • When rc_destroy() is now called, freed pointers to strings and files will now be NULLed out.
  • Stefan Jokisch overhauled the Canyon Bomber driver with a number of minor fixes like correct RAM size and VBLANK duration.
    • hiscore reset button added
    • sprite positions should be fixed according to the schems
    • language ROM added (i.e. the language dip works now)
    • prototype set renamed from canbprot to canyonp
  • sedn improved sample loading in Super Chase
  • Lawrence Gold replaced instances of "inline", "static inline", and "static __inline" with "INLINE". This fixes some build problems with xmame and makes things more consistent.
  • Guru corrected CPU speeds etc. in snowbros.c
  • Reversed inptport.c changes to MAME 0.74u1 as the version in MAME 0.74u2 wasn't correcly merged, these will need resubmitting
  • Phil Stroffolino made some namcos22 improvements
    • fixes to display list processing (affects Prop Cycle ending)
    • gouraud shading
    • misc improvements for the not-working games

Game Support

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