MAME 0.79u1

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Release Date

MAME 0.79u1 was released on 8 February 2004.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Nicola Salmoria made a big 80s Namco update, this affects the first Namco games that used custom I/O chips:
    • these files are no longer needed and should be removed: drivers/bosco.c, drivers/xevious.c, drivers/digdug.c, machine/digdug.c, machine/galaga.c, machine/bosco.c, machine/polepos.c, sndhrdw/bosco.c
    • added three new sound chips: NAMCO_15XX, NAMCO_52XX, NAMCO_54XX, and changed drivers to use them (NAMCO_54XX is just a placeholder playing samples, until the chip is reverse engineered).
    • MAME testers bugs fixed: digdug063gre, galaga057gre, bosco071u2gre, poleposc059gra
    • added EAROM support to digdug
    • fixed the polepos2 title screen which had been broken since day 1, strange that nobody noticed.
    • fixed various mistakes in the polepos ROM loading (one missing speech ROM in polepos, polepos2 was using the wrong engine sound ROMs (it's turbo!), added missing vertical scaling PROMs).
    • extensive documentation of ROM names and placement, and differences between Namco and licensed versions.
    • converted all drivers to tilemaps, and made gfx emulation more accurate according to schematics
    • polepos sprite zooming should now be closer to the hardware.
    • IP_KEY_PREVIOUS and IP_JOY_PREVIOUS are no longer used by any driver: they may be removed from the core.
    • support for start lamps, coin counters and coin lockout (all internallyhandled by the custom I/O chip)
    • toggling the test switch while the game is running enters test mode without need to manually reset.
    • found and documented test mode Easter eggs in all games except Xevious.
    • bosconian now uses a different sound PROM, which seems more correct.
    • galaga uses better dumps of the PROMs, with the unused top 4 bits set to 0.
    • correct handling of 52XX sample start/end pointers in ROM.
    • better emulation of 50XX custom, no more need for hacks in bosconian.
    • swapped digdug and digdugb, the main set should be the newer one.
    • removed these galaga clones: nebulbee (copyright/name change), galagab2 (mix 'n match of ROMs from other sets), galaga84 (copyright/gfx change), galagads (1-byte hack to get fast shoot, reproducible with this line in cheat.dat: galaga:1:070D:0D:100:Fast Shoot)
    • added Galaga rev. B, which is now the main set, renamed the other galagao.
    • added galagamk, a different Midway version.
    • removed various bad dumps from polepos2b and poleps2c, they turned out to be the same version so poleps2c is removed.
    • drivers/locomotn.c is no longer needed and should be removed
    • converted to tilemaps, consolidated as much as I could
    • fixed: jungler37b3gre
    • correct tile/sprite priority handling (also in Bosconian)
    • documented the Easter egg in Rally X
    • added starfield in Tactician
    • fixed the RC filter control in the games with Konami sound
  • Phil Stroffolino submitted a big Namco NB1 update:
    • new driver: Greatest Slugger '93 (Japan)
    • hardware shadow support (used heavily in Greatest Slugger)
    • dedicated random number generator chip
    • sprite stretch glitch (affects Outfoxies intro)
    • tilemap tile banking feature (used by Mach Breakers)
    • removed several game-specific hacks; now uses dedicated CPU registers for interrupts
    • preliminary support for screen blanking (hides garbage in Outfoxies)
    • proper POSIRQ handling, for scanline effects. Fixes the water effects in Outfoxies. This same feature needs to be folded into System 2 emulation, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
    • various Mach Breaker-specific hacks for interpretting the ROZ layer registers; these aren't yet fully understood. In particular, the "Monster Pull" stage is missing a "3d floor."
  • smf did various PSX file updates / cleanups
  • Aaron Giles updated the Hard Drivin' driver and fixed Steel Talons / HD Airborne again
  • Curt Coder contributed various fixes:
    • problems created when pacland was converted to tilemaps
    • converted Jackal to tilemaps
    • fixed guardians of the hood p3 controls
    • fixed heat barrel dips
    • fixed shot rider dips
    • fixed firebattle dips
    • updated docastle.c memory maps
    • added MSM5205 to idsoccer
  • Aaron Giles cleaned up / merged various Atari drivers: clayshoo.c, cloak.c, cloud9.c, copsnrob.c, cyberbal.c, destroyr.c, eprom.c, fastfred.c, firetrk.c, flyball.c, foodf.c
  • Roger Sanders fixed the protection in Sonic Arcade (still crashes due to a video emulation bug)
  • Nathan Woods made misc fixes:
    • Minor timing enhancements, and changed a few indexing modes to be illegal
    • Renamed CPU_CP1600 to CPU_CP1610
    • Enhancements to the K051649 sound system
  • Aaron Giles fixed the Mortal Kombat damage that was broken in .79
  • Quench simulated the sound in Super Slam
  • Aaron Giles fixed the 'bad colour RAM' error in hyrda / pitfight
  • Aaron Giles added support for CPU-specific internal memory maps

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