MAME 0.84u5

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Release Date

MAME 0.84u5 was released on 27 July 2004.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • David Haywood made significant improvements to the Rabbit driver.
  • Included all the worthwhile sound changes from MAME32FX (most of these in turn are from MAME32Plus). List and (credits) follows:
    • airbustr.c: FM/PCM balance (RND)
    • crimfght.c: adjusted YM and Z80 clock to 4 MHz, matches real PCB better (???)
    • darkseal.c: FM/PCM balance (UNZU)
    • ddragon.c: FM/PCM balance (???)
    • mitchell.c: adjusted pitches (AKIN)
    • namcos1.c: FM/PCM balance (UNZU)
    • namcos2.c: FM/PCM balance (RND)
    • nemesis.c: PSG/WSG balance (UNZU)
    • rohga.c: FM/PCM balance (RND)
    • shadfrce.c: FM/PCM balance (RND)
    • simpsons.c: Z80+YM2151 clocks, FM/PCM balance (???)
    • toki.c: FM/PCM balance (???)
    • vaportra.c: FM/PCM balance (UNZU)
    • xmen.c: FM/PCM balance, Z80 clock is 8 MHz (???)
  • Mamesick fixed input ports in the megasys1 driver.
  • Brian Troha fixed DIP switches in the Midway Zeus games.
  • smf hooked up the NVRAM for Namco system 12 correctly.
  • MikeJ fixed subtle behavior in the ALLPOT handlers for the POKEY when held in reset.
  • Andrew Gardner added generic support for save states on games using the generic bitmap video hardware. Also converted a number of drivers over to using that system.
  • Andrea Mazzoleni fixed the mixer code so it doesn't crash if the OSD layer returns an error.
  • Fixed an issue in the H8/3002 core where the timer start register would mess up timers that were already running. Improves the music tempo for S12 games.
  • Jarek Burczynski added new function: compute_resistor_net_outputs() in res_net.h. This function calculates outputs (not weights) of color circuits where the hardware consists of open collector PROMs.
  • Tomasz Slanina added a preliminary NEC V810 core (needed for mayjinsen, mayjinsen2 and jsk).
  • Lawrence Gold fixed several compilation issues for LinuxPPC and other ports.
  • Curt Coder fixed the disassembly in mirrored regions for the 6502.
  • Aaron Giles removed PORT_CENTER from drivers that were using it for autocentering and added a user-configurable autocentering property that applies to all absolute analog controls. Also made this autocentering intelligent so that it shouldn't need to be manually set to 0 if using a real analog device.
  • Aaron Giles fixed mame_fprintf to output various text file formats based on the compile-time define CRLF. This must be set and can be equal to 1 (CR only), 2 (LF only) or 3 (CR+LF).
  • Aaron Giles fixed several bugs in the new input system and improved the CFG file format.

Game Support

New games supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status

New clones added

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING