MAME 0.99u3

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Release Date

MAME 0.99u3 was released on 22 August 2005.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Mariusz Wojcieszek updated the ST-V driver:
    • vdp2: added rotation in RBG0 layer (improves diehard, vfkids, vfremix, thunt, sassisu backgrounds)
    • vdp2: added 15bit RGB tilemaps (used by thunt)
    • vdp2: added opaque alpha blended bitmaps (fixes missing gfx in shienryu intro)
    • vdp2: added enable bit for RGB sprites (fixes some bad sprites in vfremix)
    • vdp2: added alpha blending for RGB sprites
    • vdp1: fixed polygon drawing
    • vdp1: added line drawing
    • sh2: fixed bug in division unit
    • sh2: added callback called when cpu reads FTCSR register (intended for idle loop skipping for slave sh2 in stv)
    • stv: added idle loop skipping for several games
    • dsp: fixed dma (fixes some bad gfx in thunt)
  • Andrew Gardner added a dsp56k CPU core and hooked it up to the Polygonet Commanders driver.
  • R. Belmont updated the SCSI hard disk support:
    • Added FORMAT UNIT, READ (6 byte), WRITE (6 byte), READ (12 byte), MODE SENSE, and READ CAPACITY commands.
    • Changed INQUIRY to ID as a real Seagate model, which makes MacOS much happier than a manufacturer code of "MAME".
    • Some MESS-specific tweeks to initialization.
  • Ville Linde fixed all the volume table calculations in the YMF271 core.
  • Ville Linde and * Pierpaolo Prazzoli improved the SPI driver:
    • Added real coin inputs. The previously used coin input was service coin
    • Hooked up eeprom in rdft2us, rfjetus and rdft22kc
  • Ville Linde fixed the recent LSI53C810 update which caused the Model 3 games to crash.
  • Ville Linde fixed the PowerPC recompiler so that Scud Race works again.
  • Aaron Giles significantly overhauled the user interface infrastructure:
    • All user interface rendering is now cached until the end and rendered in one pass.
    • A large number of extraneous and redundant functions have been removed and replaced with a smaller set of more flexible APIs.
    • Global access to the UI fonts and colortables is now gone, they are private to the user interface code.
    • All global user interface function names have been normalized. Most importantly, usrintf_showmessage is now ui_popup.
    • Pause behavior has been redefined; instead of sitting in a tight loop, the code proceeds normally, but the CPU execution system does not advance time.
    • Code for the menus has been reworked; some menus are temporarily not available (cheats, memory cards).
  • Aaron Giles removed the internal display of history.dat. Cramming this kind of data into MAME's limited UI is not really useful, and viewing the history.dat information is supported by many frontends and websites.
  • Aaron Giles removed the following obsolete and/or redundant command line options from the Windows build:
    • -wrongorientation
    • -wrongfps
    • -gamelist
    • -list
    • -listgames
    • -listdetails
    • -listwrongmerge
    • -listcpu
    • -listcpuclass
    • -listgamespersourcefile
    • -listnosound
    • -listnvram
    • -listpalettesize
    • -listromdistribution
    • -listromnumber
    • -listsound
    • -listdupcrc
    • -listsamdir
    • -listmd5
    • -listsha1
    • -verifysets
    • -vset
    • -vsam
    • -sortname
    • -sortdriver
    • -noclones
    • -crconly
    • -maxlogsize
    • -resamplefilter
    • -debug_resolution
    • -history_file
    • -mameinfo_file
  • Aaron Giles removed the "Press any key" prompts when displaying ROM warnings. Instead, a warning about bad/missing ROMs is now displayed on the warnings screen. Details of the bad/missing ROMs are still printed to the console.

Game Support

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