The intention here is not really to focus on particular drivers, but more general concepts. I'm less interested that Gauntlet was emulated and more interested that the slapstic was emulated. For example.

Let's use this format:

  • 05 Feb 1997: MAME 0.1 released (0.1)
  • 07 Sep 1997: First 68000 game emulated (Rastan) (0.28)
  • 25 Apr 1998: YM2151 supported added (0.30)
  • 25 Apr 1998: Atari slapstic first emulated (0.31)
  • 03 May 1998: Public betas started; previously users would have to wait several months between releases (except those with leaked builds on IRC) (0.33b1)
  • 16 Aug 1998: First appearance of Neo Geo games, which have been the source of much controversy (0.34b1)
  • 30 Aug 1998: First DSP core added: the TMS34010. It turns out that this DSP was very popular for games and was used in many games, and not just the late-80's/early-90's Midway games that the core was originally written for (0.34b2)
  • 15 Feb 1999: Internal tilemap code added - previously many drivers done tilemaps their own way (0.35b3)
  • 08 Aug 1999: Konami 052001/053248 CPU first emulated (0.36b2)