This page is designed to allow for a quick look over all the drivers with a MACHINE_IMPERFECT_TIMING flag by giving, as much as possible, an idea on the amount of effort needed to fix them.


Games are running faster than on real hardware.


fscc12 and clone - They seem a little bit slower than the real machine. Currently, a dummy timer workaround is needed, or it's much worse. Is the problem here is due to timing of CPU addressbus changes?


feagv10 - V9(68030 @ 32MHz) is faster than V10(68040 @ 25MHz) but it should be the other way around, culprit is unemulated cache?

feagv11 - V11 CPU should be M68EC060, not yet emulated. Now using M68EC040 in its place at twice the frequency due to lack of superscalar.


Games are running at wrong speed(unthrottled?) compared to pcb recordings, easily noticeable on sidebs/sidebs2, for example the selection screens are too fast, and the driving is almost twice as slow.