SWP Hardware

Finish Lock-On driver


Add support for Maygay M2 hardware

  • Add MC68306 support

An M68EC00 core with integrated DUART (my old friend MC68681), DRAM controller and internal address decoding (32-bit address resolved to 7 /CS pins). Dunno how to handle the address decoding cleanly...

  • Add OKIM6650 support

Just another 8-bit PCM/4-bit ADPCM playback IC with a couple of additional features (e.g. random playback, beep mode).

  • Add PIC16C6x support

A PIC16C64 appears to handle all I/O.

Improve BFM Cobra driver

  • Hook up Cobra boardset and write tests to exercise unknown hardware features.
  • Add support for Cobra II.
  • Improve 6850 ACIA emulation.


  • Use mame_printf_ functions (see mame.h).
  • Alternatively, use popmessage().
  • Remember to set the GAME_SUPPORTS_SAVE flag if saving state.
  • Saved state can be viewed in the debugger.
  • When updating stuff per scanline "Use a timer to fire at the start of each scanline. Do your clocking in the timer callback for that scanline. Then use video_screen_update_partial() to force the VIDEO_UPDATE callback to be called for that scanline so you can do the mixing and rendering directly to the game bitmap."