Here are downloads for MAME/MESS on non-Windows platforms including Mac OS X, Linux, and BSD family operating systems.

Technical support for MAME on non-Windows platforms and for MESS on all platforms is available on the forums.

Source code download

The following links are for source code, either pre-packaged by MAMEdev or you can simply clone/fork us on Github to follow the team's progress in real-time. Download these if you'd like to learn to develop for MAME/MESS, or if you know how to build the emulator and just want to follow along quickly.

MAME/MESS releases
Live MAME/MESS WIP on Github http://

A guide to building MAME/MESS on Mac OS X is available here. An equivalent guide for Linux is available here.

Regularly Updated binaries and packages (usually within 1-3 versions of baseline)

These links are for binaries and/or distribution packages for Mac OS X, the BSD family, and a variety of popular Linux distributions. Download these if you can't or don't wish to build MAME and don't mind waiting for the next release date to see progress.

Target OS/Platform Build Target URL
Apple Macintosh OS X Intel MAME
Apple Macintosh OS X Intel MESS
Apple Macintosh OS X PowerPC MAME
Apple Macintosh OS X PowerPC MESS
Arch Linux MAME;search=mame
Arch Linux MESS
Debian MAME
Debian MESS
Fedora MAME
Fedora MESS
General Linux Package Search MAME
General Linux Package Search MESS
Microsoft Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7/8) MAME
Microsoft Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7/8) MESS
OS/2 Warp MAME
Slackware MAME
Slackware MESS
Ubuntu MAME

Discontinued/Irregularly Updated

Target OS/Platform Build Target URL
Gentoo/Funtoo Linux MAME
Gentoo/Funtoo Linux MESS
Google Native Client MAME
YellowDogLinux 6.2 / Playstation 3 MAME
YellowDogLinux 6.2 / Playstation 3 MESS
YellowDogLinux 6.2 / Playstation 3 Configuration

Targets for which MAME/MESS have been known to exist, but have custom OSDs/Interfaces

Target OS/Platform
Android (ARM)
Apple iOS
Nintendo Wii (PowerPC)