'Skill With Prizes'. Quiz and video poker games, for example. Feel free to update this list with new hardware and games.


MPU4 + Video

CPU: 6809, 68000-10
Video: SCN2674
Sound: SAA1099
Medium: ROM

  • Skill Trek
  • The Crystal Maze
  • The Mating Game
  • Turnover

Preliminary support in MAME.



CPU: 6809
Video: Custom, as far as we can tell
Medium: ROM
A graphics expansion board for Scorpion I and II

  • Golden Crown
  • Paradice
  • Pokio
  • Pyramid
  • Quintoon
  • Slots

Adder 2?

CPU: MC68340PV25E
Video: SED1354
Sound: YMZ280B
Medium: ROM
A graphics expansion board for Scorpion IV
Currently, MAME lists the 6809 card above as Adder 2 (according to info from Bellfruit contacts), so this needs checking.

  • Skill Dice


CPU: Z80, 6809
Video: Slipstream
Sound: AY-8910 + uPD7759 sound card
Medium: ROM or 3.5" disk (WD37C65 controller)

  • A Question of Sport
  • Brain Box
  • Brain Box 2
  • Every Second Counts
  • Quizvaders
  • Treble Top

Preliminary support in MAME.

Cobra 2/Cyclone

CPU: Z180
Video: Slipstream
Medium: ROM
A graphics expansion board for Scorpion II

  • Quintoon
  • Fruit Pursuit?

Cobra 3

CPU: MC68340FE16E
Video: STi3400DCV (MPEG-1), SCC66470CAB
Sound: TMS320AV110 (MPEG), YMZ280B-F
Medium: CD/HDD (SCSI)

  • Radio Times
  • Telly Addicts
  • The Phraze that Pays
  • Top of the Pops


CPU: Z80
Video: Slipstream
Audio: Slipstream DSP/DAC
Medium: 3.5" disk (WD1772 controller)

  • Inquizitor

This PCB is partnered with something else; Scorpion I perhaps?

Audio components and 4x2KB RAMs are not installed in later PCB revisions. It's highly likely the Slipstream DSP was never used as an audio generator.


"Give us a Break" hardware

CPU: 68000-8 (Clocked at 5MHz)
Video: TMS34061
Sound: SN76489
Medium: 3.5" disk (WD1770 Controller)
Has a generic ROMset for loading

  • Give us a Break
  • Pac Quiz
  • Suit Pursuit
  • Ten Up

System 5 + Video

CPU: 68000-8?
Video: TMS34061
Sound: uPD7759
Medium: ROM

  • Monopoly

Impact + Video

CPU: 68000-8
Video: TMS34010
Sound: uPD7759
Medium: ROM

  • Cluedo
  • Coronation Street
  • Hangman
  • Scrabble
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Trivial Pursuit

NOTE: This hardware is not to be confused with Proteus, which also ran some of these games, but was a Pentium II PC in a cab, running ports.



CPU: 6809?
Video: ?
Sound: ?
Medium: CD?

  • Aladdin's Cave
  • Big Break
  • The Krypton Factor


CPU: MC68306FC16
Video: CL-GD5429
Sound: M6650
Medium: ROM

  • Aladdin's Cave
  • Big Break
  • London Underground
  • Risk
  • Super Clue
  • The Guinness Book of Records