• Shooting Master - MCU protection, shares RAM, used in non-obvious ways, some gfx problems, system 1 driver could really do with big clean / rewrite anyway.
  • Fantasy Zone 2 - system E hardware, encrypted Z80 module, based on SMS game, but I don't think SMS game is useful for comparison / decryption
  • Opa Opa - system E hardware, encrypted z80 module, based on SMS game, see above
  • Ganbare Chinsan Ooshoubu - by Sanitsu but uses encrypted z80 module
 General reminder, we're still looking for several System 16 games...  BULLET, Excite League, Charon??, 
 Super League, Last Survivor.  We REALLY need to find these before they die.
  • STV . Decathlete - protection (reads gfx data via protection chip, descramble / decompress? scrambled registers..)
  • STV . Elandoree - protection, similar to above
  • STV . Astra SuperStars - protection, similar to above
  • STV . Final Fight Revenge - protection, supplies vectors etc. doesn't boot
  • STV . Tecmo World Cup 98 - protection, player / ball movements etc.
  • STV . Sports Fishing 2 - incomplete dump, needs MPEG decoder
  • Sys32 . F1 Super Lap - protection, and needs dual board emulating.
  • MegaPlay . Mazin Wars - would work if converted to use the HazeMD code. Game is very fussy about interrupt timing etc. (some MegaTech would benefit from this too - on Haze's todo list)
  • SystemE . Hang On JR - gfx corruption on hi-score table. Working better in HazeMD. David will port HazeMD over to MAME at some point.
  • Cool Riders - uses SH2 + SH1, 68k etc. Dual screen game, plays like a cheap korean rip-off of Outrunners (suspected to be recompiled from the same code ;p). CPU comms don't make sense, interrupts don't make sense.. somebody mentioned that the SH1 has 'extra' features, but according to dox it's plain sh1, and the sh2 core should be 100% backwards compatible. it SHOULD be possible to get this working, or at least doing something more and would be a good / interesting project for somebody..