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* keyboard: decode and add the rest of keycodes
* keyboard: decode and add the rest of keycodes
* GPIB storage devices (floppy, hard disk)
* GPIB storage devices (floppy, hard disk)
* identify EAROM, RTC
* serial port, modem (incl. DTMF generator)
* serial port, modem (incl. DTMF generator)
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Labtam 3000 -- - http://messui.polygonal-moogle.com/comp/labtam.pdf
Labtam 3000 -- - http://messui.polygonal-moogle.com/comp/labtam.pdf
* undumped
Mindset PC
* undumped
* undumped

Latest revision as of 20:47, 11 July 2019


MAME core and shared devices

  • core: telnet negotiation (for use in terminals)
  • core: automatic octal everywhere if cpu.is_octal == true: trace, debugger, error log &c
  • ATAPI-1 standard allows "Initialize drive parameters" (aka Set Configuration) and "Execute drive diagnostic" while DRDY=0

Floppy stuff


AT&T Blit (WIP)

AT&T DMD 5620

  • WE32000 cpu core required

BBN BitGraph

  • native keyboard, EAROM


  • MT07156: screen corruption with scroll regions
  • mc7105: graphics corruption in start-up logo (affected by Logic Unit "complement" mode)
  • mc7105: wants lk201, not ms7004?


Soviet terminals

  • ms6102: character attributes; improve keyboard response and add LED layout
  • sm7238: graphics board, downloadable fonts, colors
  • ie15: rewrite keyboard using device_matrix_keyboard_interface

Discrete (netlist) systems


  • debug schematics (board photo or tracing required)
  • implement 7453 device


TV test signal generators

  • hook up inputs & debug

8-bit systems


  • native keyboard (at least two variants)
  • video: text modes use 7x8 character cell and 224x256 raster
  • video: vertical raster splits (used at least by Rapira)
  • slot devices and peripherals (agat9: mouse via parallel port, RAM card)
  • agat7: hw variants: 8 or 16 colors, 128 or 256 character generator, 64 or 128K onboard memory, "500hz" interrupt breakage ...
  • agat7: 64 and 128K onboard memory


  • more disk image formats (.dsk, flexemu .flx)
  • Waveterm software does not automatically boot without -debug


  • MT05818: Keyboard not hooked up correctly in various clones


  • rt1715: de-skeletonize
  • rt1715w: SCP3 boot crashes in z80dma (Unknown base register XX)

16-bit systems

GRiD Compass

  • keyboard: decode and add the rest of keycodes
  • GPIB storage devices (floppy, hard disk)
  • serial port, modem (incl. DTMF generator)

IBM Displaywriter

  • pass BAT, RNA, PDD, CED tests
  • boot Textpack, CP/M

DEC PDP-11, clones and systems using same ISA

  • Terak 8510A
  • DEC Pro

Labtam 3000 -- - http://messui.polygonal-moogle.com/comp/labtam.pdf

  • undumped

32-bit systems

Besta / Force Computers -- see also Edstrom's To-Do List

  • HCPU30 processor board

Chromatics CGC 7900

  • disk controller (HLE?)
  • everything else

Hewlett-Packard Integral PC

  • pass all tests [service rom, diagnstc.td0]
  • RTC chip: proper month, day
  • keyboard: NMI generation, autorepeat
  • HP-IL printer
  • sound (needs dump of COP452)
  • improve GPU emulation

IBM PC, clones and compatibles

IBM PC AT 5170

  • serial port tests fail (code 1101, 1201)

Hewlett-Packard 95LX

  • v20 CPU: fix flag word handling
  • native keyboard
  • 1MB model
  • identify RTC core
  • ATA flash devices

Toshiba T1000

  • HardRAM
  • native keyboard (MCU dump missing)
  • font selector (CRTC register 0x12; DIP switches PJ20, PJ21)


  • Generic bus mouse (Logitech and Microsoft protocols)
  • IBM PGC: pass diagnostics, implement CGA emulator

Soviet and Eastern European systems

Robotron A7100 and A7150

  • native keyboards K7637 and K7672
  • implement MMS16 (Multibus clone) and slot devices: storage controller (KES), text-only video card (ABS)...


  • fix disk-based test failures (video, floppy...)
  • serial port card
  • speech synthesis card


  • de-skeletonize
  • K1810WM86M cpu core (has additional commands) + m286.com "emulator"


  • native keyboard


  • graphics corruption after 465caf8038a120b4c1ffad9df67a1dc7474e5bb1 commit
  • memory corruption after "dir b:" in sfdos


  • sound card -- 3-channel sound generator, MIDI &c
  • 1989 hardware revision

Undumped, skeletons, and not working drivers

  • various systems based on PDP-11 ISA -- DVK, UK-NC, BK-0010, MK-85, MK-90...
  • various unique/interesting systems -- Iskra 226, Elektronika D3-28, Istra 4816
  • minor PC clones -- asst128, mk88...

Systems to look out for

Systems with bubble memory

  • Teleram T-3000, T-3100 -- Z80, runs CP/M, 80x4 LCD. 7220 BMC, 7110 MBM.
  • Teleram Portabubble
  • Expansion card for Tandy CoCo -- 7220 BMC, 7110 MBM + "The Color BOSS -- bubble operating system software by Jake Commander"
  • Expansion card for Apple II -- MPC Bubdisk -- 7220 BMC, 7110 MBM.
  • Intel iPCB-75 PC-Bubble -- 7225 BMC, 7114 MBM.

Regression tests

Link dump

Issues found while rolling own regression test suite