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|Needs SAB 80C535 and 80C515 cores (i8051-based SoC), TMS56303, 56311, 56362 DSPs depending on model.
|Needs SAB 80C535 and 80C515 cores (i8051-based SoC), TMS56303, 56311, 56362 DSPs depending on model.

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Name Driver(s) File Working? Analog/Digital Schematics? Keyboard? Midi Comments
Access Virus A, B, C, Rack, Rack XL, and Classic virusa, virusb, virusc, virusrck, virusrckxl, viruscl acvirus.cpp No Digital No Expander Yes Needs SAB 80C535 and 80C515 cores (i8051-based SoC), TMS56303, 56311, 56362 DSPs depending on model.
Akai AX 80 ax80 akaiax80.cpp No Analog Yes ? ? Missing keyboard/display controller internal rom.
Akai MPC-3000 mpc3000 mpc3000.cpp No Digital Yes ? ? Needs FDC and front panel subcpu hooked up properly plus sound generation.
Alesis HR-16/SR-16 hr16, mnt8, hr16b, sr16 alesis.cpp Yes Digital ? ? ?
Casio CZ-101 cz101 cz101.cpp No Hybrid Yes ? ?
Casio HT-6000 ht6000 ht6000.cpp Skeleton Digital Yes ? ?
Casio RZ-1 rz1 rz1.cpp Yes Digital Yes ? ?
Casio SK-1 sk1 sk1.cpp No Digital + analog filtering Yes ? ? Does sampling too
Elektron Machinedrum/Monomachine monomach, machdrum elektronmono.cpp No Digital ? ? ? Complicated modern hardware, Coldfire 5206e + DSP56303
Ensoniq ESQ-1/ESQ-M/SQ-80 esq1, esqm, sq80 esq1.cpp Semi Hybrid Yes ? ? Doesn't sound so bad actually.
Ensoniq VFX/VFX-SD/EPS/EPS-16 Plus/SD-1/SD-1 32/SQ-1/SQ-R/SQ-2 esp, vfx, vfxsd, eps16p, sd1, sq1, sqrack, sq2, sd132 esq5505.cpp No? Digital Yes ? ? SQ-1 Plus and KS-32 are on the same architecture but the roms are unavailable.
Ensoniq ASR-10/ASR-X asr10, asrx esqasr.cpp No Digital ? ? ? Pure sampler, loads waves from floppy or SCSI. Needs much better 68302 SoC emulation.
Ensoniq KT-76 kt76 esqkt.cpp Imperfect Digital ? ? ?
Ensoniq Mirage enmirage enmirage.cpp No Digital Yes ? ? Pure sampler. Needs some cleanup and LED persistence emulation for the display.
Ensoniq MR-61/76/Rack mr61, mrrack esqmr.cpp Skeleton-ish Digital ? ? ? Needs SoC emulation, and uses the more powerful ES5511 DSP instead of 5510.
Fairlight CMI IIx cmi2x cmi.cpp No Hybrid Yes ? ?
Kurzweil K2000 k2000 krz2000.cpp No Digital Yes ? ? OS doesn't boot, no display emulation, no sound generation, no effects DSP.
Roland D-110 d110 rd110.cpp No Digital Yes ? ? Missing the LA32.
Roland MT-32/CM32-L mt32, cm32l rmt32.cpp No Digital Yes ? ? Missing the LA32.
Roland SC-55 sc55 rsc55.cpp No Digital Yes ? ? Missing the synthesis, the h8/532 internal rom.
Roland TB-303 tb303 tb303.cpp No Analog Yes ? ? Oscillator doesn't oscillate under spice?
Roland TR-606 tr606 tr606.cpp No Analog Yes ? ?
Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 prpht600 prophet600.cpp No Analog Yes ? ?
Yamaha FB-01 fb01 fb01.cpp Yes Digital ? ? ?
Yamaha MU 100 mu100, mu100r ymmu100.cpp Partially Digital Yes Expander 2 In / 1 Out We are missing the ic38/39 rom dumps.
Yamaha TG100 tg100 tg100.cpp No Digital Yes ? ? Missing h8/5xx cpu core.