List of synthesizers emulated in MAME

Name Driver(s) File Working? Analog/Digital Schematics? Comments
Ensoniq ESQ-1/ESQ-M/SQ-80 esq1, esqm, sq80 esq1.cpp Semi Analog Yes Doesn't sound so bad actually.
Ensoniq VFX/VFX-SD/EPS/EPS-16 Plus/SD-1/SD-1 32/SQ-1/SQ-R esp, vfx, vfxsd, eps16p, sd1, sq1, sqrack, sq2, sd132 esq5505.cpp No? Digital ? SQ-1 Plus, SQ-2 and KS-32 are on the same architecture but the roms are unavailable.
Ensoniq ASR-10/ASR-X asr10, asrx esqasr.cpp No Digital ? Missing wave roms, impossible to finish without them.
Ensoniq KT-76 kt76 esqkt.cpp Imperfect Digital ?
Ensoniq MR-61/76/Rack mr61, mrrack esqmr.cpp No Digital ? Almost skeleton, but maybe not that hard to advance.
Yamaha MU 100 mu100, mu100r ymmu100.cpp No Digital Yes We may be missing the ic38/39 rom dumps (or they're unused, unclear). Main synth chip (SWP30?) entirely unemulated.