Arbee's To-Do List


Nothing listed here is a guarantee or promise of action. I have many more interests than I have hours in a day. This lists only things directly related to MAME. Also, order listed here may not reflect actual implementation order.

  • Fix 539X issue with Mac Quadra 700 and upgrade to working
  • Twiggy Mac, Lisa
  • More 030/040 Macs - need to figure out feasibility of PMUv4 (68HC05) emulation
  • Emulate key repeat on Apple /// (similar to //e, same h/w designers, go figure)
  • Figure out Ensoniq 16-bit crash (EPS OS, VFX SD/SD-1 sequencer)
  • Emulate 3rd-generation Ensoniqs (ASR-10, MR-Rack, KT-76)
  • AICA needs better envelope handling. Shenmue DSF rips need filters
  • Cycle-by-cycle WDC65816, integrating M377xx and Nintendo variants