MAME HP 9000/370 Howto


  • This manual applies to MAME 0.204 and later

The 9000/370 was almost identical to the 9000/360 except its 68030 processor operated at 33 MHz (instead of 25 MHz), and it offered a maximum memory configuration of 48 MB, instead of 16 MB.

The Model 375 (98574B, $20,995) came in the standard 300 Series cabinet (short) with two available DIO-II slots. Like the 345, the 375 came with a 68030 processor and 68882 coprocessor, both running at 50 MHz.


See Driver:Apollo#Networking

Software Installation

How to setup the ROMs

├── dio98550
│   └── 98550a.bin
├── hp9122c
│   └── 09122-15515.bin
├── hp9k370
│   ├── 1818-4416.bin
│   ├── 1818-4417.bin
├── human_interface
│   └── 1820-4784.bin

Installation images

GNU toolchain and utilities

How to create a new disk image file

  • to create a new 1900 MB disk image use chdman utility from MAME package
$ chdman createhd -f -o hpuxtest.chd -s $[1900*1048576]

Installation guide

$ mame64 hp9k370 -sl2 98643 -hard hpuxtest.chd -rp . -window -mouse -uimodekey DEL -cdrom hpux9_install.iso

This will boot the installer:

Hpux9 install1.png

Press <Enter> to continue:

Hpux9 install2.png

Installer searching for disks:

Hpux9 install3.png

It found our disk image:

Hpux9 install4.png

Say 'y' to have long file names:

Hpux9 install5.png

Press '1' to continue:

Hpux9 install6.png

Accept the default swap setting by pressing enter:

Hpux install7.png

And, once again, press 'y' to continue

Installer starts creating the filesystem:

Hpux9 install9.png

Installer extracting the minimum HP-UX system:

Hpux9 install11.png

The installer is now asking for the update CDROM:

Hpux9 install12.png

Enter the Menu (DEL to activate UI, then Tab to enter menu), and select 'hpux_9.1.update.iso':

Hpux9 install13.png

Hpux9 install14.png

Press Tab to close menu and DEL to deactivate UI mode

After that is done, the installer shows the main menu, press enter to select all filesets:

Hpux9 install15.png

Press Enter once again to confirm that you to install these filesets:

Hpux9 install16.png

And, 'y' to really install:

Hpux9 install17.png

And this is the final install screen. After it finishes install, it will reboot into HP-UX from hard disk.

Hpux9 install18.png

Running VUE

Login as root and type

$ init 3

After some time, it will start VUE session

Hpux9 vue.png