Release Date

MAME 0.102u5 was released on 22 December 2005.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Roberto Fresca made improvements to cuoreuno and elephfam:
    • Corrected videoram and colorram (now can see the nvram initialization).
    • Corrected the CPU frequency to 2 MHz.
  • Rob Bohms fixed the Playchoice/VSNES drivers.
  • R. Belmont hooked up the same NES APU implementation in both MAME and MESS. Also correctd the memory mapping of the APU in the Playchoice 10 driver.
  • Hans Andersson made significant improvements to the Grand Champion driver:
    • Tunnel headlights
    • Corrected rain effect
    • Corrected colors
    • Added speech
    • Improved collision detection (removed false collision when lightning)
    • Improved fog effect
    • Added skeleton code for motor noise
    • Fixed graphic glitch in bottom row
    • Corrected CPU speed for Cpu board / Game board
  • Ville Linde added a simulated version of the N64 PIF boot rom to the Aleck64 driver, so the cartridges now boot properly, though the cartridge CRC check fails on both games.
  • Alex Jackson fixed the instruction alignment in the old debugger. Also added support for displaying 64-bit qwords.
  • BUT fixed timing between CPU and MCU in chaknpop. In previous driver, you will notice problems in stages with water and coffee break (not always). New driver fixes it but it is not perfect about timing.
  • Nathan Woods changed activecpu_dasm() and activecpu_dasm_new() so that they "function" even if the getinfo handler does not specify CPUINFO_PTR_DISASSEMBLE nor CPUINFO_PTR_DISASSEMBLE_NEW.
  • Nathan Woods moved m6809, hd6309 and z80 disassemblers to the new interface, and did some cleanups.
  • Rob Bohms fixed the SUBW H flag in the SPC700 core.
  • Nicola Salmoria updated the SP0250:
    • Added SP0250 speech chip to 3 Stooges.
    • Streamlined the SP0250 emulation to avoid timing issues which were preventing 3 stooges from working.
    • Fixed glitches in the speech that were caused by not resetting the filter stages when a speech frame is loaded.
    • Made the SP0250 support the external clock rate
    • Changed the playback rate to match the real board by making the clock divider a reasonable number.
  • Aaron Giles added a new debugger command 'map', which tells logical -> physical mappings as well as what read/write handlers are connected to an address. Also added 'mapd' and 'mapi' for performing the same operation on data and I/O space.
  • Aaron Giles committed more Voodoo updates:
    • fixed overflow in 1/W calculation that messed up some textures
    • added missing color combine mode used by Gauntlet Dark Legacy
  • Aaron Giles fixed a subtle bug in the MIPS3 recompiler that prevented Tenth Degree from working.
  • Aaron Giles implemented some more functionality of the ADSP-2181 needed for Road Burners.

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