MAME 0.109


Release Date

MAME 0.109 was released on 26 September 2006.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • wolf676 send in improvements for merit, getrivia, and findout:
    • added external coin counters and coin lockouts
    • fixed lamps in upright and cocktail modes
    • getrivia.c: fixed sound in selection and clone
    • located ticket out bit in trivia games and commented it in both drivers.
    • fixed merge collision from u5
  • steph commited an input port cleanup and additional comments in the CPS1 driver.
  • R. Belmont fixed ES5503 behavior for voice volumes > 127 (cures missing sounds/music notes in several Apple IIgs demos and games).
  • El Condor made MSC1937 operation more accurately match datasheet and wiring diagram. Added indexed getters to the output system to match the newly introduced setters.
  • HobbesAtPlay changed input port calculations to go in two passes, to catch out-of-order conditionals properly.
  • robiza fixed priorities in the m62 driver, mainly affecting Lode Runner sequels.
  • Nathan Woods changed disassembler override callbacks to match new disassembler syntax.
  • Aaron Giles changed artwork loading to be on-demand rather than all up-front. Also added a message during artwork resizing/loading so it's more clear what is going on.
  • Aaron Giles added new osd function osd_break_into_debugger() which can be hooked to cause a break into the OSD's debugger when an assertion or fatal error occurs. Hooked it up on Windows to do just that.
  • Aaron Giles normalized exit codes from mame.exe. The core-specific ones are defined in mame.h. The Windows build will also return code 100 on an unhandled exception now.

Game Support

New clones added