Release Date

MAME 0.111u4 was released on 18 January 2007.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Ernesto Corvi added support for the Pioneer PR-8210 laserdisc player.
  • stephh added two new convenience macros for input ports: PORT_DIPUNUSED and PORT_DIPUNUSED_DIPLOC.
  • stephh updated DIP switches in the cave driver and added locations.
  • stephh improved DIP switches in sbrkout and converted "fake" DIP switches into configuration switches.
  • David Haywood Unified the Forgotten Worlds driver with the cps1 driver and connected the OKI6295 pin control properly.
  • Atari Ace modified the makefile to make it possible to independently specify symbols generation and optimization levels.
  • Zsolt Vasvari and Derrick Renaud commited a major rewrite of the Midway 8080 black & white driver, separating it from the huge 8080bw driver and making the following changes:
    • 'True-to-hardware' emulation of the shifting circuits
    • Identified and stubbed sound triggers
    • Fixed DIP switches, where necessary (most games)
    • Added DIPLOCATION to all switches
    • Added watchdog
    • Added coin counter
    • Added lamp outputs to Sea Wolf, Guided Missile, Space Encounters, Phantom II, Bowling Alley
    • Added stereo sound to Gun Fight, Guided Missile, M-4
    • Partial sound emulation in Tornado Baseball, Boot Hill, Desert Gun, Double Play, Dog Patch, Blue Shark
    • Properly emulated shifter circuit in Boot Hill
    • Added gun recoil output to Desert Gun
    • Added second set of analog controls to Clowns
    • Fixed analog controls in Dog Patch
    • Added SN76477 sound effect to Space Encounters
    • Added non-memory mapped coin counters to Space Invaders, Blue Shark, and Space Invaders II
    • Added proper watchdog times to all the games
    • Breadboarded the noise clocks and ensured their frequencies were correct
  • James Wallace added support for the lamp matrix to the video callback in the Scorpion 2 driver, and updated lamps and inputs to better fit the new UI. VFD support has been moved to a configuration switch, as the output is actually always occurring - the switch mimics the effect of plugging in or removing the VFD from the control point.
  • Ville Linde improved sound output in the MediaGX driver.
  • Lord Nightmare, Kevtris and R. Belmont added preliminary emulation of the TSI S14001A speech synthesizer as found in Berzerk/Frenzy (and also Stern pinballs).
  • David Haywood added missing linescroll effect to Magical Cat Adventure and Nostradamus. It can be seen in action on the first levels of both games.
  • R. Belmont did a minor cleanup of mind-bending codce in the konamigx driver.
  • Nathan Woods added a validity check that input port names are valid UTF-8 strings.
  • stephh improved DIP switches in the tumbleb.c driver.
  • Angelo Salese added a large update to the legionna driver with much more documentation on the protection and other updates.
  • Curt Coder added cdp1869 video emulation to the Cidelsa driver. The games still don't work due to timing and interrupt issues.
  • David Haywood made suprnova RLE rendering safe from out-of-bounds accesses.
  • Tomasz Slanina contributed many improvements to the Midnight Landing driver, including partial sound, partial video emulation, and controls. Still not working, though.
  • R. Belmont fixed the TMS9928 so it recalculates the pattern mask when its dependancies change so we don't end up in weird half-modes.
  • Aaron Giles added support in the user interface to render all text assuming it is UTF-8 encoded. This means that UTF-8 encoded Unicode names can be used in in-game descriptions, etc. But first you will need a unicode capable BDF font.
  • Aaron Giles removed Vista build hacks from windows.mak as they are no longer necessary.
  • Aaron Giles removed the hacky use of the 'depth' field of mame_bitmaps. Bitmaps are now allocated with an enumerated 'format' instead. This is internally translated into bits-per-pixel in a normalized way. Also removed Machine->color_depth, which was often misused.
  • Aaron Giles added new a macro BITMAP_ADDR that can be used for addressing into bitmaps. Removed the use of bitmap->line[[]] in the core code. The line[[]] array will eventually be obsoleted, so stop using it.
  • Aaron Giles changed operation of plot_pixel, read_pixel, and plot_box. The first two are now inline functions and the latter just maps to fillbitmap via another inline function.
  • Aaron Giles added new required machine driver entry MDRV_SCREEN_FORMAT() which specifies the bitmap format for the screen. Removed the VIDEO_RGB_DIRECT and VIDEO_NEEDS_6BITS_PER_GUN flags that used to determine the bitmap format implicity.
  • Aaron Giles deprecated the following obsolete machine driver entries:
  • Aaron Giles added a new mechanism for rendering the crosshairs on lightgun games. Crosshairs are automatically rendered if lightgun controllers are specified; the game no longer has to render them. Any other analog axis can be configued to use crosshairs via the new PORT_CROSSHAIR macro. Crosshairs are also now rendered in different colors for different players, and done as an overlay using the new rendering system instead of drawing into the game bitmap, which means they no longer show up on screenshots. If you don't like the built-in crosshairs, you can make your own. Just call them cross0.png (player 1), cross1.png (player 2), etc. and place them in the root of your artwork directory.
  • Aaron Giles changed F1 crosshair toggle. By default crosshairs are on for all configured players. Toggling once will turn them all off. Each sucessive toggle will enable one player at a time until all players are again visible.
  • Aaron Giles added support in chd.c for lossy compressors, computing CRCs and other hashes based on the decompressed output in those cases. Also added support for asynchronous reads/writes using the new osd work item interfaces.
  • Aaron Giles fixed several bugs in the Windows implementation of the osd work item interfaces.
  • Aaron Giles simplified the hard disk interfaces a bit.
  • Aaron Giles fixed several bugs and improved emulation of the Z80 SIO chip.
  • Aaron Giles improved behavior of the laserdisc code when seeking so it doesn't get "stuck". Added preliminary support for the 22VP932 laserdisc player.

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