Release Date

MAME 0.122u2 was released on 30 December 2007.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • couriersud made TMS51xx and M58817 speech updates:
    • radarsc1 uses tms5110 speech synth
    • cvs games: according to PCBInfos speech chip is TMS5100. Changed driver to use TMS5100 and "game system operational" now sounds more natural
    • removed sound/m58817.*
    • added support for multiple coefficients maps to tms5110.*
    • added coefficient maps for TMS5100 and M58817 from documented sources to tms5110r.c
    • fixed interpolation factors (see tms5110r.c for reason)
    • made lattice calculation precision 9bit
    • added support for READBIT and LOADADDRESS commands to tms5110.c
    • more changes in line with various patents
    • documented TRS-02, TKG-02/03 "voice" interface
  • Atari Ace completed the addition of static qualifiers to all MAME symbols that aren't explicitly exported.
  • Nathan Woods named the input_seq_type enumeration and used it explicitly in several places.
  • Philip Bennett corrected tx1 and tx1a coinage DSW assignments. Reversed buggyboy/buggybjr 'Game Time' settings.
  • Aaron Giles made TMS3203x core updates:
    • fixed interrupt handling
    • added support for edge-triggered interrupts on '32
    • expanded interrupt support for the '32
    • updated drivers using TMS3203x core to deassert interrupts
    • added externally accessible functions for converting '3x floating point format
    • updated gaelco3d driver to use new functions
  • Aaron Giles made Zeus2 (+related) updates:
    • fixed save states for DCS games
    • cleaned up Zeus2 waveram handling
    • added Zeus2 save state support
    • added preliminary model and quad rendering support for Zeus2
    • added support to timekpr for the ZPRAM used on Zeus2
    • hooked up ZPRAM in Zeus2 games
    • hooked up controls in Zeus2 games
    • updated poly.c to ensure it is idle before saving state
    • Added artifical Z offset of -2 to make the full screen show in crusnexo
  • Philip Bennett replaced tekken2/tekken2a/tekken2b 'tes1wave.8k' ROM with the correct, non-byte-swapped dump.
  • couriersud added a discrete 74LS624(56789) implementation
    • DISCRETE_74LS624 is a VCO needed for dkongjr
    • Supports Logic, Energy and Count outputs
  • couriersud contributed dkong updates:
    • Added dkongjr discrete sound
    • Proper interface Z80** I8035 for dkongjr
    • Changed discrete sound output factors
    • removed samples support for dkongjr
    • Cosmetic changes
    • Fixed regression in radarscp sound
    • Added dipswitch locations to dkong3b
  • Brian Troha added documentation and clock frequency improvements for seta.c:
    • Added the Guru's readme info for Thundercade
    • Corrected rom name for Thundercade
    • changed clocks to OSC by divider IE: 16000000/2 /* 8MHz */
    • Changed Orbs clock to 16MHz with note about 14.xx MHz
    • Changed Meta Fox's x0-006 (65c02) to same as Thundercade
    • Changed the YM3438 in Ultra Toukond Densetsu from 6MHz to 1600000/4 /* 4MHz */ as there is no mention of 6MHz OSC on PCB
  • Barry Rodewald removed the increasing of the R register from each IX/IY related (FD xx or DD xx) instruction on the Z80. According to documentation and the behavior of the Amstrad CPC driver, this is incorrect.
  • Atari Ace adjusted most conditional logging in MAME to use the idiom "do { if (VERBOSE) logerror x; } while (0)". This has the benefit that the compiler checks the syntax of the logging even in the case it will be eliminated, and in fact a number of cases here needed adjustments to compile because of this.