MAME 0.122u4


Release Date

MAME 0.122u4 was released on 7 January 2008.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Aaron Giles corrected btoads clocks according XTALs on the PCB.
  • Nicola Salmoria "simplified" the MC8123 decryption, though it's still more complicated than he'd like it to be.
  • Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed bking3 clocks as per Guru readme. Added GAME_WRONG_COLORS flag to bking3.
  • Aaron Giles added TMS34020 fixes:
    • Allowed 32-bit pixel sizes
    • Fixed RPIX instruction
  • Aaron Giles added a new function input_poll_keyboard_switches to poll for only key events. Expanded the size of the maximum simultaneously pressed switches.
  • Philip Bennett removed GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS from all jpmimpct games bar Cluedo (see driver note).
  • couriersud made mario driver improvements:
    • Hooked up flipscreen
    • Changed monitor orientation to ROT0
  • couriersud added Z80 DMA chip
    • only implements intelligence to emulate dkong3
    • fixed a misleading comment in 8257dma.h
  • couriersud made dkong driver improvements:
    • hooked up z80dma
    • removed 2nd player inputs from sdbk input_ports
    • fixed some dump "copy/paste" bugs in dip locations
  • Brian Troha added redumped Turkey USA to the seta2.c driver.
  • Aaron Giles made Atari updates:
    • Added save state support to slapstic.
    • Added save state support to YM2413.
    • Modified slapstic code to support address range mirrors.
    • Cleaned up Rampart driver:
      • simplified rendering code
      • full memory map
      • added save state support
  • kingshriek implemented decent-sounding FM in the SCSP.
  • R. Belmont, Samuele Zannoli, and ElSemi updated the Naomi driver, now boots and shows some test menus (press F2 to get into test, use 9 to navigate). Also hooked up ROM board PIO and skeleton for DMA.
  • SGINut made N64 improvements:
    • Move texture masking to occur after coordinate adjustment
    • Fix 32-bit texturing in load_tile (Mario Kart 64 title screen)
    • Add zero-alpha early-out (Mario 64 trees/stars, Mario Kart 64 trees/karts)
  • couriersud made ad2083 improvements:
    • completed tms5110A code
    • working speech synthesis
    • documented analysis done on pcb pictures and findings
    • as a consequence, marked all sound roms as BAD DUMP
    • created sound driver in scramble.c
  • Atari Ace cleaned up graphics layouts in preparation for a new format. Added new GFXLAYOUT_RAW() macro to normalize definition. Added new validation code. Made all remaining instances of gfx_layouts const.
  • Dirk Best updated the Amiga driver to use formal XTALs.
  • Wilbert Pol changed the 6522 emulation such that when writing to the ACR register with the timer 1 in continuous counting mode, the timer 1 value should not be reloaded but keep on counting.
  • James Wallace added XTAL defines to bfm_sc2.c and cleaned up lvcards.c.
  • David Haywood and Aaron Giles added a default layout to neogeo games allowing for either cropping or stretching to the alternate 304x224 layout. Removed default cropping in the driver.
  • Aaron Giles fixed a crash when saving state of older DCS-based games. Added save state support to the midvunit driver.
  • Bryan McPhail made major improvements in the Cycle Warriors video code (still not perfect, but road layer works now).
  • couriersud completed a major rewrite of skychut.c. There are still some glitches and it is not perfect but the following has been achieved:
    • adds samples to ipm invaders - just rename your old invaders samples to ipminvad to test
    • added - amongst others - "capsule" dip switch to ipm invaders
    • sound ports identified
    • demo sound and cabinet type driver configuration
  • Jim Stolis updated the memory configuration for Superboard game versions in peplus driver. Fixes CMOS DATA errors on reload.
  • Philip Bennett added sound to Cycle Warriors and Big Fight. Corrected OKI M6295 clock values.
  • Zsolt Vasvari fixed missing arrow in Venture on the zoomed out map, and the incorrect fading twister in Hard Hat.

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