MAME 0.124u5


Release Date

MAME 0.124u5 was released on 1 May 2008.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Roberto Fresca made snookr10 updates:
    • Decrypted the apple10 tile matrix.
    • Partially decrypted the apple10 color codes.
    • Added encryption notes.
    • Updated technical notes.
  • couriersud added DISCRETE_KEY_SALLEN_FILTER to discrete sound system.
  • couriersud added discrete mixing and filtering to irem games using m52-sound-c boards: mpatrol, travrusa.
  • robiza and Corrado Tomaselli properly implemented the tile/sprite priorities in m90 driver. This fix priorities in quizf1, riskchal amd maybe more m90 games.
  • couriersud fixed AY-3-8910/YM2149 and derivatives envelope handling.
  • Roberto Fresca updated Funworld games:
    • Fixed AY8910 volume to all games to avoid clips.
    • Merge bigdeal and funworld machine drivers thanks to the AY8910 rewrite.
    • Removed old unaccurate commentary about magiccrd tiles.
  • Roberto Fresca updated Sandii' Games:
    • Created a new machine driver for tenballs due to different memory map.
    • Worked all the input ports from the scratch.
    • Fixed the sound ROM_REGION.
    • Added the oki6295 emulation to all games.
    • Hooked output ports.
    • Documented and calculated all bits related to lamps.
    • Adjusted palette lenght to 256 colors.
    • Totally decrypted the apple10 color matrix. Now colors are perfect.
    • Created a new machine driver for apple10 due to encryption.
    • Reverse engineering the code to complete the DIP switches.
    • Added diplocations to DIP switches.
    • Promoted snookr10, apple10 and tenballs to 'WORKING' state.
    • Added game instructions & notes.
    • Updated encryption & technical notes.
  • Mariusz Wojcieszek changed NES/PlayChoice 10:
    • added support for mapping rom and ram in PPU video memory space
    • added PinBot mapper (H board)
  • Roberto Fresca updated All CMC italian games:
    • Added TICKET and HOPPER buttons to allow payout through the SUPER GAME.
    • Documented the featured SUPER GAME with complete instructions.
    • Improved DIP switches to properly set the payout system.
  • robiza changed the implementation of the cocktail mode in marvins.c.
  • Andrew Gardner merged memory maps for tunhunt, tumblep, tugboat, trucocl, and truco.
  • Brian Troha and Tafoid contributed meritm driver updates:
    • Consolidated, corrected and updated info
    • Verified Megatouch IV program rom
    • Corrected many rom names
    • Add game revision to game name (IE: 9255-40-01 ROE)
    • Added pals from Megatouch 6 to other sets as they all run on the same PCB
    • Add the sound clock update from Tafoid
  • Nicola Salmoria made a massive update to ROM naming in the CPS1 driver, also loading smaller eproms for Japanese sets instead of the larger mask ROMs where possible. Added information about B-Board revisions where possible. There is still work to do on this regard but this is a first step in untangling the mess.
  • robiza fixed another opcode in match it 2.
  • Dirk Best converted the MSM6242 RTC into a proper device.
  • Atari Ace removed deprecat.h from debugger.h to prevent hiding modules that really needed to include deprecat.h.
  • robiza verified a "not sure" opcode in bombrman.
  • Aaron Giles changed BIOS errors so that specifying an invalid BIOS is a warning, not a fatal error. Also re-allowed "default" as a BIOS setting with special meaning.

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