Release Date

MAME 0.125u1 was released on 15 May 2008.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • stephh renamed ports and used AM_READ_PORT macros in arcadecl.
  • robiza added a feature to the cia6526: in READ operation the value can be forced by a external circuit; this feature is necessary for MESS.
  • Philip Bennett made undrfire.c improvements:
    • Hooked up cbombers steering wheel input.
    • Changed ES5505 clock rate to 30476100/2.
    • Unified cbombers memory maps and tidied up some code.
    • Removed the undrfire speedup hack.
  • Lord Nightmare marked the sound roms on Q*Bert's Qubes as bad and changed the flag to imperfect sound. The current sound cpu roms are the same as on a normal Q*Bert board, which is incorrect. At least three sound effects are present in the real qq-snd roms but not the Q*Bert qb-snd ones.
  • Phil Stroffolino fixed the ROZ effect in Namco NA1 driver. ROZ tilemap is actually an additional tilemap. Fixes a bug where a "roz enable" test was causing a normal layer to be rendered with ROZ effects in-game. There is no roz enable register - it's always available for mixing with other tilemaps and sprites. This also adds a missing NAMCO logo zoom/spin effect in Emeralda's attract mode.
  • Curt Coder added memory address parameter to CDP1802 DMA callbacks, and added a macro for the CPU interface.
  • Nicola Salmoria rewrote the Gaelco video ram encryption, which finally makes sense. The key observation was that when decrypting the second word, both encrypted and decrypted bits of the first word are used. Many thanks to Javier Valero for the detailed information that made this possible.
  • Luigi30 fixed coin inputs, added validator input, and added notes on inputs to the tmaster driver.
  • Andrew Gardner merged memory maps for drivers: tagteam, tail2nos, tankbatt, tankbust, taotaido, targeth, and taxidrvr.
  • Roberto Fresca added a new driver for old Game-A-Tron gambling games hardware:
    • Properly decoded graphics.
    • Proper memory map.
    • Added NVRAM support.
    • Proper Inputs through 8255 PPI I/O chip.
    • Both games are working.
    • Added technical & game notes.
  • Aaron Giles added a new universal dynamic recompiler system:
    • The central module is drcuml.c, which defines a universal machine language syntax that can be generated by a frontend recompiler and then retargeted via a generic backend interface to any of a number of different architectures. A disassembler for the UML is also included to allow examination of the generated UML code.
    • Currently supported backend architectures include 32-bit x86, 64-bit x86, and a platform-neutral interpreted C backend that can be used as a fallback for platforms without native support. The C backend also performs additional validation to ensure assumptions are met.
    • Along with the new architecture is a new MIPS III/IV recompiler frontend. This frontend has been rewritten from the old x64-specific recompiler to generate UML opcodes instead. This means that the single recompiler can be used to target multiple backend architectures and should in theory produce identical results across all of them.
    • The old 32-bit and 64-bit MIPS recompilers are now officially retired. The new system provides similar performance (within 5% generally) to the old system and has similar compatibility. The only currently known issues are some problems with the two Gauntlet 3D games.
  • Curt Coder added the CDP1852 I/O buffer chip, and used it in Altair/Draco.
  • Roberto Fresca found the proper algorithm to decrypt the blue TAB PCB in the funworld driver. Replaced the old decryption tables with the proper decryption scheme. Updated technical notes.
  • Aaron Giles added uncompressed AVI recording:
    • Extended aviio to be able to write RGB bitmaps. Unfortunately, the only option is fully uncompressed, which means the resulting AVIs are *HUGE* and may not play correctly in realtime due to high data rate. The intention is that these uncompressed AVIs are post-processed by other utilities to compress the video and produce a realtime playable result.
    • Added new command-line option -aviwrite which works just like -mngwrite, except it produces AVIs and streams sound to them. Updated documentation accordingly.
    • Shift+F12 still produces MNGs for now, though this might change in the future.
    • Modified fileio.c to retain the full pathname to the file so that it can be queried while the file is open.
  • Lord Nightmare updated the TMS5200/5220 documentation and comments. Fixed the chirp table implementation in both the 51xx and 52xx chips.
  • David Haywood fixed default dipswitches on thoop to give more than 1 life.
  • Phil Stroffolino contributed bug fixes for NamcoNA Hardware:
    • support for scanline effect (fixes invisible dolphin in Emeralda attract mode)
    • ROZ implementation no longer breaks Numan Athletics pixmap layer
    • blitter fixes; xday graphics are now correct
    • identified extra communications RAM used by xday (probably to control printer)
  • Dirk Best fixed a crash in dynax games due to missing MSM6242 device.
  • Corrado Tomaselli changed the Black tiger main Z80 clock to 6MHz and sound Z80 clock to 3.579545MHz as verified on PCB.
  • Atari Ace consolidated opbase variables into a structure and rescoped them so they are hidden for general access.

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