Release Date

MAME 0.127 was released on 19 August 2008.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • robiza converted adp to 4bpp rendering.
  • robiza began implementing 68681 device in skattv. Improved hd63484 core to support some initial graphics.
  • Guru added correct CRCs for DOA2.
  • robiza fixed graphics in cps2 games.
  • Brian Troha updated documentation in paradise.c:
    • Added PCB layout for Torus & Mad Ball
    • Corrected rom names and / or added U locations
  • smf changed at28c16 memory handlers to 8 bits and perform the conversion in the memory mapping.
  • Roberto Fresca made Magic10 updates:
    • Simulated the co-processor to pass the initial test.
    • All Inputs worked from the scratch.
    • Fixed position of tilemap layers.
    • Added scroll register preliminary support.
    • Fixed Super Pool graphics.
  • R. Belmont made SH-2 DRC updates:
    • Moved IRQ handling front-end into recompiled code
    • Added TSTM/ANDM/XORM instructions
    • Added SH-1 CPU support, including lower precision on MAC.W and locking out SH-2 only instructions
  • R. Belmont split out SH-4 non-interpreter-specific stuff to sh4comn.c.
  • smf identified compatible timekeeper used by Midway Zeus II. Removed all the timekeeper memory handlers, except for 8 bit & changed the drivers to use the conversion built into the memory system.
  • Aaron Giles added new generic laserdisc VIDEO_UPDATE handler to the laserdisc code. This handler works for both disc-only games and those with overlays. For disc-only games, the base macro is sufficient. The update function provided to MDRV_LASERDISC_OVERLAY is identical to a normal VIDEO_UPDATE callback, so a standard one can be used. All existing laserdisc drivers have been updated to support this new rendering mechanism, removing much duplicated code. For games with overlays, an additional set of configuration macros are provided:
    • MDRV_LASERDISC_OVERLAY - specifies update function, width, height, and bitmap format of the overlay
    • MDRV_LASERDISC_OVERLAY_CLIP - specifies the visible area of the overlay bitmap
    • MDRV_LASERDISC_OVERLAY_POSITION - specifies default x,y position
    • MDRV_LASERDISC_OVERLAY_SCALE - specifies default x,y scale factors
  • Aaron Giles added the ability to configure the overlay position and scale parameters at runtime. Added OSD menus to control them. Added logic to save/restore the data in the game's configuration file.
  • Aaron Giles added new macros MDRV_LASERDISC_SCREEN_ADD_NTSC and _PAL, which defines a standard screen with the correct video timing characteristics and update function for laserdiscs. Updated all drivers to use these macros instead of defining their own screens.
  • Aaron Giles added DISK_REGIONS to all laserdisc drivers.
  • Aaron Giles added DISK_IMAGE_READONLY_OPTIONAL to support games (like Cube Quest) where the disk is non-essential to the game's operation.
  • Aaron Giles fixed a bug in identifying the custom sound driver for the laserdisc.
  • Aaron Giles updated ldverify to identify blank regions of the disc for post-processing.
  • Aaron Giles fixed rendering 16bpp with alpha using bilinear filters (fixes screenshots of laserdisc games with overlays).
  • ElSemi included support for parsing .gdi files in chdman.
  • Philip Bennett, Joe Magiera, and Warren Ondras added new driver for Cube Quest. This includes CPU cores for the three bitslice processors, as well as laserdisc support for the hacked laserdisc that was used to drive the games.
  • Nicola Salmoria updated cps1 to use proper gfx ROMs (+ PALs) for varthj, and to load correct A-Board PALs for QSound games.
  • couriersud added the address decode prom 5e to dkong3/dkong3j.
  • R. Belmont reduced YM2612 DAC level relative to FM. This better matches real hardware.
  • Aaron Giles added validity check to ensure that AM_READ_PORT() macros reference valid ports. Fixed several cases where the check failed.
  • Guru added a new Guru readme for namcos22 driver.
  • Aaron Giles added a validity check to ensure that ports referenced by a condition actually exist. Fixed a case where this was violated.
  • Aaron Giles added cheat functions frombcd() and tobcd() to convert numbers to/from BCD format. Changed "Activate" to "Set" in the menus.
  • Oliver Stoenberg made a couple of minor cleanups:
    • removed obsolete ENABLE_DEBUGGER occurance
    • removed more unprintable characters in SH-2 disassembler
    • memset() usage cleanups
    • removed duplicated TMS5110 entry in sound.mak
    • use machine in uigfx.c where it's already available
  • Christophe Jaillet removed included "profiler.h" from files that do not use profiling functions.

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