Release Date

MAME 0.127u7 was released on 09 October 2008.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • stephh removed unneeded UI keys by removing the constants. Readded UI_ON_SCREEN_DISPLAY to be changed again in the "Inputs" menu.
  • stephh added missing support of normal joystick for player 2 in 'gwarb'.
  • Aaron Giles fixed a number of regressions due to recent 68000 IRQ changes.
  • Aaron Giles added new functions for building device-relative tags. Changed machine configuration builder to use these functions. Also changed the laserdisc player devices to use them. Updated Z80 CTC/SIO code to assume that the CPU provided for the clock is relative to the device that the CTC/SIO belong to. Updated memory code to assume that regions and devices referenced by the memory map are relative to the device the associated CPU belongs to.
  • JohnBoy cleaned up neogeo driver (still in progress):
    • Sorted OEM / Bootleg sets.
    • Renamed roms on non OEM / Bootleg sets to ONE naming scheme.
    • Renamed functions.
    • Added some comments.
  • Aaron Giles and Olivier Galibert cleaned up the System 24 driver:
    • Correct memory map for both CPUs.
    • Reduced RAM size to 256k.
    • Correct video timings.
    • Renamed regions.
    • Proper interrupt handling.
    • Fixed dcclub magic latch.
  • stephh checked, via Z80 code analysis, inputs and Dip Switches for the following games in snk.c driver:
    • ikari, ikaria, ikarinc, ikarijp, ikarijpb
    • victroad, dogosoke, dogosokb
    • bermudat, bermudaj
    • worldwar, bermudaa
    • psychos, psychosj
  • Andreas Naive and Tomasz Slanina improved Sonic Blast Man 2 Special Turbo (SNES bootleg):
    • Added rom decryption.
    • Patched protection checks.
    • Mapped extra inputs.
  • Grull Osgo fixed the i8051 AJMP opcode to take 2 bytes instead of 3.
  • Roberto Fresca improved the button-lamps layout to all games in ampoker2.c driver. Now buttons are more realistic. Also improved the Lucky 74 button-lamps layout to be more realistic.
  • Grull Osgo and Roberto Fresca improved the InterFlip / Recreativos Franco driver:
    • Added Baby Poker Game.
    • Added sound support to Baby Poker Game.
    • Reworked the color routines.
    • Added Baby Dado Game.
    • Added new color routines for Baby Games.
    • Redumped the videocba color PROM.
    • Added color switch. (It changes background color in some games).
    • Added "hopper full" switch support (for diverter function).
    • Added diverter function decoder.
    • Added full functional mechanical counters decoding.
    • Added 7 Segment decoder and 7 Digit Counter functions.
    • Added button-lamps layout & mechanical counters simulation on layout. Mechanical counters to layout: Coin-In, Coin-Out and Coin to Drop.
    • Added NVRAM support to mechanical counters.
    • Mapped "Hand Pay" button for Baby Games.
    • Added decoder to Jackpot mechanical counter.
    • Added tower lamps to Baby Games layouts.
    • Reworked layouts for Baby Games.
  • Angelo Salese fixed old regression bug in Sengoku Mahjong that made the controls not work when the V30 CPU core was converted to 16-bit. Specifically, the game accesses the multiplexer with a word write instead of a byte write.
  • stephh checked, via Z80 code analysis, inputs and Dip Switches for the following games in snk.c driver:
    • gwar, gwarj, gwara, gwarb
    • chopper, choppera, chopperb, legofair
    • tdfever, tdfeverj, tdfever2
    • fsoccer, fsoccerj, fsoccerb
  • couriersud improved MCU protection for lohtb2 (m72.c):
    • Hooked up 6751.
    • Synchronized protection ram writes with timer callbacks.
    • Removed speed hack from NEC CPU emulation, which breaks the protection code.
  • Tomasz Slanina fixed problem with OAM address reset at start of vblank in snes.c.
  • Aaron Giles made the Z80 daisy chain aware of referencing device-specific devices.
  • Aaron Giles added preliminary LD-V1000 emulation. Not fully working yet, but mostly there.
  • Aaron Giles cleaned up and normalized the three existing laserdisc emulations. Removed obsolete code from the laserdisc core.
  • Aaron Giles optimized st0016 RAM tile behavior to lazy decode the graphics, giving a big speed boost to some of the mahjong games.
  • Franklin Bowen Added the P10/11 dip switch (only 4 switches instead of the standard 8) to Space Duel.
  • Roberto Fresca improved Sandii' games (snookr10, apple10 & tenballs):
    • Reworked the button-lamps matrix system.
    • Documented both output ports.
    • Connected coin in, key in and payout counters.
    • Improved the lamps layout to be more realistic.
    • Updated technical notes.
  • Fabio Priuli and byuu added emulation for snes special chips DSP-2 & OBC-1:
    • Added sources snesdsp2.c & snesobc1.c.
    • Removed special chips detection from MAME.
    • Modified memory handlers to account for the new chips.

Game Support

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