MAME 0.128u1


Release Date

MAME 0.128u1 was released on 23 October 2008.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Curt Coder added MC6845 changes:
    • Added cursor and display enable skewing.
    • Added preliminary support for SY6545-1's transparent addressing mode.
    • Hsync should be pulsed even when vsync is active.
  • David Haywood removed per-game hacks from CPS3 (moved to DMA callback in SH2 core). Removed Speedups from CPS3 / PsikyoSH, while they do still give a decent speed boost they're not really needed with the DRC and just clutter the code.
  • JohnBoy added minor NeoGeo cleanups.
  • Andrew Gardner rewrote the Motorola DSP56k CPU core:
    • Complete rewrite focusing on legibility and extensibility.
    • 27/121 opcodes (mostly) implemented.
    • Bugfix for reset status of interrupt priority bits.
    • Bugfix for disassembly of register-to-register parallel data move.
    • Added additional branch, move and bitfield ops.
    • Plygonet now passes its memory test and uploads a new program.
    • Implemented tst, or, jsr, rti, tst2, and 2 new movec ops.
    • Added opbase handler to plygonet.c
  • Phil Bennett increased cubeqst interleave factor to eliminate LDP timeout countdown flicker.
  • Guru added redumped B-Rap Boys sample ROMs.
  • R. Belmont fixed C75 BIOS loading for big-endian targets.
  • stephh updated tnzs.c driver:
    • Renamed sets:
      • 'tnzsjn' -> 'tnzsj'
      • 'tnzsj' -> 'tnzsjo'
      • 'kagekia' -> 'kagekih'
    • Fixed Dip Switches for all games (2 remaining unknown Dips in 'plumppop' and 'jpopnics' though).
    • Added many notes.
  • Angelo Salese contributed Small cleanups to the ST-V driver. Made some work for magzun, still not working.
  • kingshriek fixed sample addressing for the full 8 MB in the AICA core.
  • couriersud and Jim Stolis overhauled the MCS51/I8051 core:
    • Improved serial port timing.
    • Better infrastructure for adding more variants like DS5002.
    • Fixed port reading.
    • Rewrote Macros for better readibility.
    • Fixed and rewrote Interrupt handling.
    • Now returns INTERNAL_DIVIDER, adjusted cycle counts.
    • Removed unnecessary and duplicated code.
    • Removed unnecessary functions.
    • Rewrote to have sfr-registers stored in int_ram.
    • Debugger may now watch sfr-registers as well.
    • Implemented interrupt callbacks (HOLD_LINE now supported).
    • Runtime switch for processor type - removed ifdefs.
    • Internal memory maps for internal rom versions (internal ram now displayed in debugger).
    • More timer cleanups from manual.
    • Fixed timer 2 interrupts.
    • Implemented serial mode 2/3 rx and tx clock handling.
    • Remaining games checked and adapted to changes in cpu core.
    • Cardline still broken. Exact and complete cpu name needed.
    • Added more variants 803X, 80CXX, AT89C4051.
    • Fixed segas18.c (segaic16.c) mcu maps.
    • Fixed sslam.c
    • Fixed limenko.c, videopkr.c : Issue with core allocation of ram (duplicate savestate).
  • couriersud added micro3d improvements:
    • Serial port communication between main cpu and sound board works.
    • Sound board now works.
  • couriersud added lohtb2 improvements in m72.c:
    • Full emulation of protection device.
    • Samples are now piped through the mcu.
  • Angelo Salese added sound and corrected wrong DIP-SW in the Double Dealer driver. Completed protection vectors, fixed video emulation and added coin setting simulation.
  • Phil Bennett fixed recently regressed raster interrupt issues in fuukifg* drivers.
  • Angelo Salese added flip screen / cocktail support to yumefude driver. Completed DIP-Switches (manual-wise) and made better comments.
  • David Haywood did some reorganization in megadriv.c, porting over some code to attempt to get it working again, bit by bit.
  • Sonikos improved dakkochn graphics; the priority are ok but there are various offsets so the game is marked as "imperfect graphics".
  • Phill Harvey-Smith fixed a subtle bug in the 65c02 emulation where the result of the BIT instruction differs on the 65c02 (from the 6502), when executed in immediate mode.
  • T. Bellm added samples support to Cosmic Alien.

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