Release Date

MAME 0.129u2 was released on 22 January 2009.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Nathan Woods fixed compilation errors if HAS_SAMPLES is 0.
  • Phil Bennett stopped crash/assert when trying to decrease the debugger memory window bytes per line to 0.
  • Wilbert Pol improved implementations for undocumented instructions 63, 67, 6f, 73, 77, 7b, 7f, 9c, 9e, ab, e3, e7, ef, f3, f7, fb, and ff in the n2a3 cpu core.
  • Wilbert Pol forced recalculation of screen parameters when only the MC6845 input clock changes.
  • Angelo Salese provided part 1 of an update to the Seibu CRTC:
    • Merged Sengoku Mahjong & Good e Jong video HWs.
    • Added correct scrolling functions for Sengoku Mahjong.
    • Removed some positioning kludges in both drivers.
  • Angelo Salese fixed Sengoku Mahjong hopper error after first winning match.
  • Angelo Salese removed deprecat dependancy from Good e Jong, one irq wasn't needed at all (points to a reti).
  • Aaron Giles added new #define ENDIANNESS_NATIVE, which maps to either ENDIANNESS_LITTLE or ENDIANNESS_BIG based on the LSB_FIRST definition. Unlink LSB_FIRST, ENDIANNESS_NATIVE always exists and can be used in expressions without invoking the preprocessor.
  • Aaron Giles added macro ENDIAN_VALUE_LE_BE() which selects one of two values based on the endianness passed in. Also added NATIVE_ENDIAN_VALUE_LE_BE() which calls ENDIAN_VALUE_LE_BE with ENDIANNESS_NATIVE.
  • Aaron Giles updated a number of drivers and call sites to use these macros in favor of #ifdef LSB_FIRST.
  • Aaron Giles removed some stray ADDR2BYTE/BYTE2ADDR macros that have been replaced by inline functions.
  • Aaron Giles update all DRC cores to do their own opcode fetching. Also tweaked a few oddities in the SH2 DRC.
  • Jim Stolis provided drw80pkr changes:
    • Added bankswitching to program memory.
    • Partial graphics support.
    • Partial sound support.
  • Angelo Salese provided a preliminary ADPCM hook-up to Jantotsu, it plays something but it's not yet right.
  • Aaron Giles removed redundant config parameter from SND_START.
  • Angelo Salese fixed gfx regression with 18 Holes Pro Golf and added proper memory map for the second cpu.
  • Aaron Giles made sound cores no longer allocate their own tokens. Instead they return a new integer value indicating the size of token they want, and the core allocates it for them. This mirrors the standard device behavior.
  • tsBTN0640 provided a SRMP5 update:
    • Sound pitch is low with current st0016 driver.
  • a3SEybxT0 fixed Perfect Soldiers input (added missing button3).
  • swzp1Dp/0 added missing key for sfiiij and sfiii2j.
  • Phil Bennett tidied up the micro3d driver and fixed sound.
  • Phil Bennett increased Cloak & Dagger interleave quantum to eliminate 'SLAVE COM BAD' startup message.
  • Mirko Buffoni provided a major cleanup to IGS poker games:
    • Renamed csk driver to igspoker. This includes Champion Poker, Champion Skill, New Champion Skill.
    • Converted drivers to tilemap system and unified video section.
    • Unified memory maps and checked all input ports.
    • Removed obsolete palette handlers and made use of generic handlers.
    • Added layout for lamps handling.
    • Added hopper simulation.
    • Added New Champion Skill (different set, maybe original international release) and renamed current igs_ncs to igs_ncs2 (2000 version for italian market).
    • Promoted igs_ncs2 to working state, but set GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS (missing initial notice screen).
    • Moved Jackie to a separate driver (it's a slot machine game).
    • Made some progress on Jackie which now boots (toggle mode to play, but work still needs to be done).
  • Phil Bennett provided a Virtual Combat and Shadow Fighters update:
    • Fixed framebuffer handling & screen parameters.
    • Added sound.
    • Corrected RAM sizes to match what is present on the PCBs.
    • Hooked up NVRAM.
  • Mirko Buffoni fixed clamping to 12 bit range to Okim6376, and adjusted volume attenuation accordingly.
  • robiza provided adp improvements:
    • Implemented p1 inputs in skattv and fashiong (service mode is working).
  • Phil Bennett fefined ROM_LOAD64_WORD/ROM_LOAD64_WORD_SWAP in emu/romload.h.
  • robiza updated the cb2001 driver: mapped two more opcodes.
  • 4oj9/xJ+0 fixed Soul Calibur (vs. Inferno).
  • Naibo Zhang added custom 3-screen layout to Stepping Stage driver.
  • Corrado Tomaselli changed yunsung8 oki xtal to 400khz, verified on pcb. Unfortunately he couldn't verify the main xtal which was missing on his pcb.
  • Mamesick restored previous cycle eating behavior in gstream.
  • Olivier Galibert changed device start routines to no longer return a status. Instead, if a device needs to delay its initialization pending the startup of another device, it must call the new function device_delay_init().

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