Release Date

MAME 0.129u3 was released on 29 January 2009.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Roberto Fresca cleaned up and remapped Big 10 inputs. Updated the game notes. Added other minor changes.
  • Angelo Salese improved the sound in Double Wings by appling the same handling of Night Slashers (they are actually similar if not same memory map).
  • Angelo Salese added NO_DUMP for the H8/330 MCU for Magic's 10 2, Super Pool, Hot Slot and Magic Colors.
  • couriersud provided several discrete sound refinements, mainly targeted at mario:
    • Use formula derived from figures 2 and 3 in LS624 datasheet. Coefficients were calculated using least square approximation. This approach gives a bit better audible results compared to the prior approach.
    • Fixed energy calculation for LS624.
    • Use energy values as input for XOR. This seems to better reflect the superimposition of the two signals. On the long term, both LS629 and the XOR need to be converted into a custom module to properly model mixing if the two frequencies are close to each other.
    • Adjusted C41 to 60% for skid sound.
  • David Haywood fixed the remaining CPS3 sets that were left broken from the previous half-done set renames. Also reworked the code a bit to make it harder for somebody to break it in future (removed the config table & moved keys to driver inits, define region sizes, allocate memory in init for CD based games.) Should be no functional changes, although it might be a fraction of a % faster due to there being less region lookups.
  • Angelo Salese added preliminary sound for the Aero Fighters bootlegs (aerfboot & aerfboo2).
  • David Haywood added some new fruit bonus '96' sets, unsure what they are.
  • David Haywood added a mess of sets marked as 'time dog' to the goldstar driver. These seem to be mismatched, and some lack program roms. One set has encrypted code, the other appears to have plain code. These will need some tidy-up work. I've added them, because there is no doubt at least one valid set in here but the dumps contain no useful info at all.
  • Angelo Salese provided a preliminary protection hook-up for Sexy Gal/Sweet Gal.
  • Angelo Salese fixed colors, visible area and soft resets in the Magic Card 68k version. Started to convert the Magic Card 68k version driver with proper infos & added some basic video registers. It actually runs on more or less modified Philips CD-i architecture.
  • Angelo Salese fixed foreground tilemap colors in Diamond Derby.
  • Aaron Giles added new module devcb, which can generically handle conversions between device read/write functions and various other types of functions. Introduced new structures and macros to make this possible:
    • To take advantage of this, a device must change its interface to replace any read/write callbacks with the new devcb_read/write structures. During device start time, the device then uses this new devcb module to resolve the information in the devcb_read/write structures into a more efficient form. When the device needs to call one of the callbacks, it uses the inline devcb_call_read/write functions.
    • Once a device has defined its callbacks as devcb_read/write structures, users of the device must use the DEVCB_* macros to specify the type and information about the handler to use:
      • DEVCB_NULL = no handler
      • DEVCB_HANDLER = a standard device read/write handler
      • DEVCB_MEMORY_HANDLER = a memory address space read/write handler
      • DEVCB_DEVICE_HANDLER = a device read/write handler for a different device
      • DEVCB_INPUT_PORT = an input port
  • Aaron Giles converted the 8255PPI device to use this new structure, and updated all users to use the DEVCB macros, removing some unnecessary trampoline functions along the way.
  • couriersud and Guru added calculation for caps >= 100pf to buck rogers LS626 frequency calculation. Formula was derived from figure 6 of LS624/628/629 & 625/626/627 datasheet. "BUCK ROGERS" is now centered and big ship appears centered over br's ship.
  • Nathan Woods converted 6821new device to use devcb. Updated Williams drivers to remove trampoline functions.
  • Roberto Fresca provided improvements to norautp.c driver:
    • Merged GTI Poker (gtipoker.c) with this driver.
    • Added new memory map and machine driver for gtipoker.
    • Hooked 2x PPI 8255 to gtipoker.
    • Hooked the video RAM access ports to gtipoker.
    • Changed norautpn description from Noraut Poker (No Payout) to Noraut Poker (bootleg), since the game has payout system.
    • Some clean-ups.
  • Mirko Buffoni fixed encryption in Cabaret and added sound emulation:
    • Moved to a separate driver.
    • Not fully playable, press reset to exit from pitfalls.
  • Luca Elia implemented a few more H8/3xx instructions, and added funcube to seta2.c.
  • Angelo Salese added a default backup ram for the jolyc980 set, to get it boot to the end-user.

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