Release Date

MAME 0.131u2 was released on 14 May 2009.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Angelo Salese added notes to several drivers indicating specifically that an MCU is needed for decapping.
  • Olivier Galibert updated the Naomi renderer: added all 64 blending modes, and made it anal-retentive where it comes to position precision.
  • Angelo Salese converted Irem M14 HW to tilemaps and cleaned-up the driver.
  • Angelo Salese renamed yumefuda.c/hanaroku.c drivers to albazg.c/albazc.c (like they should be properly named).
  • David Haywood added profile markers to naomi, to see what % of cpu time things are using.
  • Angelo Salese provided some Maple fixes, now Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper should be fully playable.
  • Brian Troha added cart info documentation update for the two recent Mega-Tech cart dumps: Shadow Dancer & Streets of Rage.
  • MooglyGuy merged memory maps in the following remaining drivers and cleaned up some comments: homedata.c, intrscti.c, inufuku.c, irobot.c, jack.c, kaneko16.c, naughtyb.c, scobra.c, scramble.c, slapfght.c, spaceg.c.
  • David Haywood fixed Naomi bug in computedilated, was causing bad portraits in shikgam2.
  • Aaron Giles removed second parameter from MDRV_CPU_PROGRAM_MAP, MDRV_CPU_DATA_MAP,and MDRV_CPU_IO_MAP. For the remaining drivers that used multiple address maps, converted them to use AM_IMPORT_FROM to import the base map.
  • MooglyGuy and Aaron Giles added bilinear filtering to Naomi video emulation. Textures are still a bit crawly since we're always using the lowest MIP level.
  • David Haywood short-circuited the naomi rendering in non-textured cases, prevents a lot of bad graphics.
  • Nicola Salmoria added MC-8123 key for Gigas. Of course the game still doesn't work because the program ROM is missing.
  • David Haywood applied some of the Naomi exclusive texture mode rules.
  • Angelo Salese added a work-around for the UART FIFO read only status register on the SH-4 to make Tetris Kiwamemichi happy to boot. It crashes shortly after that like La Keyboard though (jumps to an unmapped address).
  • David Haywood hacked the Naomi YUV interrupt to fire when the base register is written. (Currently looking at implementing properly, but this prevents KuruCham and SS2005 from hanging).
  • Angelo Salese converted namcos2.c, niyanpai.c and nbmj9195.c to use AM_IMPORT_FROM instead of macros.
  • Angelo Salese commented out the ACIA irq, was causing missing bgms in Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper.
  • Angelo Salese improved the debugging on the Naomi Wave DMA handler.
  • Angelo Salese converted DJ Boy memory maps to current standards.
  • kanikani fixed ninjakd2 DIPSW and notes.
  • Fabio Priuli fixed a couple of bugs in cave.c and seta2.c introduced with the memory map merges.
  • Aaron Giles provided MCS-51 fixes:
    • jb int0,<self> loops are now broken out of if int0 comes and is taken.
    • Externally-clocked counters only count when enabled.
    • Internal RAM no longer wraps when accessed out of bounds.
  • Aaron Giles provided System 1 changes:
    • Hooked up 8751 properly.
    • Removed old 8751 hacks.
    • Shuffled Shooting Master sets.
  • Fabio Priuli fixed P2 palette write handlers for fromancr and fromanc4.
  • Fabio Priuli fixed halleys.c sound: ay8910 write handlers work on two bytes.
  • Guru marked polystar, hellngt and totlvice CHDs as bad. Will be replaced soon.
  • Guru added missing YMZ280B ROM to evilngt/hellngt.
  • Smitdogg removed "BAD_DUMP" from the Red Baron AVG bprom, it has been verified correct (contents and label) by The Dumping Union.
  • Angelo Salese improved the single board 4p mode in Kick N Run / Mexico 86. It basically works but 2p mode is broken so I still keep it as disabled by default.
  • Guru dumped io board rom to Dynamic Golf.
  • Angelo Salese fixed King Derby sprites wrap-around and flip x positioning.

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