Release Date

MAME 0.134u4 was released on 24 October 2009.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • couriersud added discrete sound improvements:
    • DSS_INVERTER_OSC optimizations.
    • OSD_PROFILING is now an environment variable. No more recompiling to turn profiling on.
    • Added two asserts to task processing.
  • stephh updated beaminv.c driver, in attempt to fix MT bug 03473.
  • Team Japump!!! fixed Sega System 16 ROM names according to real machine, and corrected game version description for Alien Syndrome and SDI.
  • Roberto Fresca added Noraut/DPHL driver improvements:
    • Added Draw Poker Hi-Lo (japanese), based on 8080A CPU.
    • Merged the gtipoker memory map and machine driver with dphl.
    • Created a base machine driver and then derivatives by hardware.
    • Splitted the regular RAM and NVRAM systems.
    • Added 'Hi-Lo Double Up Joker Poker' from SMS Manufacturing.
    • Added smshilo hardware details and PCB layout.
    • Added smshilo discrete sound circuitry scheme/documentation.
  • R. Belmont added scsihd updates:
    • Fixed parameter interpretation for READ(10) and READ(12).
    • Added WRITE(10).
  • The Naomi driver was updated:
    • R. Belmont added hackish support for 8888 tiles (Shootout Pool displays something).
    • R. Belmont increased number of JVS analog channels for driving games.
    • Deunan Knute and [[ANY] added protection data for Crazy Taxi, Jambo! Safari, and Virtua Tennis 2.
  • Team Europe added PCB layouts of Bingo Roll / Bell Star (4 sets).
  • Roberto Fresca added Xtal location and values to Bingo Roll / Bell Star hardware/PCB layouts.
  • Team Europe added Multi Game I (V.Ger 2.4) PCB layout.
  • Derrick Renaud converted final mixing stage of mario to DISCRETE_MIXER. This adds the missing filtering on the walking sounds.
  • Curt Coder refactored Z80CTC to use devcb. Emulated coin flag flip-flop in Cosmic Chasm.
  • Derrick Renaud promoted skyraid custom charge to it's own module (DISCRETE_RC_CIRCUIT_1) so it could be used with the same circuit in Battlezone.
  • Derrick Renaud updated Battlezone to use new module. Adjusted sound levels. Adjusted engine frequency. Remember there is a slider to adjust the frequency.
  • Derrick Renaud set noise clock to a fixed measured frequency in Donkey Kong Jr. (Speed optimization).
  • Atari Ace removed most remaining instances of statically initialized variables, improving multisession support.
  • Atari Ace Removed dead function prototypes.
  • Lei Wu swapped ddp2/ddp2a program ROMs around to match set descriptions.
  • Team Europe added colour proms to Seta / Visco Roulette.
  • Christophe Jaillet achieved minor speed improvement to the e132xs core -don't pass opcode parameter when calling instruction handlers.
  • Naibo Zhang added two-sided polygon flag and back-face culling to Model 3 video emulation.
  • Naibo Zhang changed stepstag set description to Stepping Stage Special.
  • Corrado Tomaselli verified on PCB all the clocks for Mikie, changed the M6809 clock to 1.536MHz and Vsync to 60.59Hz. Changed the sound chips to variant SN76489A which are the ones on the PCB.
  • Derrick Renaud added MIN parameter and optimized speed of DISCRETE_COUNTER.
  • Gerald (COY) added 18 Wheeler JVS I/O and motor controller dumps.
  • Curt Coder added helper macro for CDP1864 screen creation.
  • TrevEB added PROM dumps to starfire and fireone.
  • Derrick Renaud set unclipped volume to 50% slider position in Battlezone. This allows you to drive the audio into clipping like a real game.
  • Roberto Fresca added Goldstar driver improvements:
    • Added new game: New Lucky 8 Lines / New Super 8 Lines.
    • Inputs and DIP switches from the scratch.
    • Added Hopper service button to all New Lucky 8 Lines sets.
    • Added Paytable settings DIP switch to all New Lucky 8 Lines sets.
    • Minor clean-ups.
    • Created a new machine driver for wcat3.
    • Mapped the missing d000-efff ROM space range.
    • Added PCB & DIP switches banks layouts for ns8lines.
  • Dirk Best changed CPU clock display in the UI to display multiplied/divided clocks instead of raw clocks.
  • Dirk Best changed device callback system to look up devices owned by the same parent if a child device references another device.
  • Christophe Jaillet fixed a couple of unbalaced profiling calls, and added output to help identify the source of unbalanced calls.

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