Release Date

MAME 0.141 was released on 31 December 2010.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Guru redumped sprite roms in X Se Dae Quiz.
  • Angelo Salese added DMA slots to Legionnaire HW, fixes Godzilla regression.
  • Aaron Giles fixed Bullet key back to what was dumped from original PCB.
  • hap made AY-3-8910 unused bits in registers read back as 0.
  • Angelo Salese fixed Seibu logo tilemap colors in Seibu Cup Soccer.
  • qmc2 updated s3c24xx.c: Fixing compiling process on Linux and MacOSX.
  • Phil Bennett assigned MB88xx interrupt sources unique vectors, as expected by the Arabian MCU program.
  • Phil Bennett hooked up Arabian MB8841 MCU and removed obsolete simulation code.
  • Tafoid and Rogerio adjusted ym2203 clock speed and added XTAL for goindol.c based on a reference video recording.
  • austere, nimitz and trap15 rewrote ics2115 sound core using modern device standards, improving audio in Oriental Legend, Killing Blade and other PGM titles in the process.
  • David Haywood implemented pdrawgfx for sprite routines in Legionnaire HW, and added wraparound for horizontal area smaller than 320, fixing left-border sprites in Legionnaire and Heated Barrel.
  • Angelo Salese implemented a preliminary sort-DMA in Seibu COP routines, fixes sprite-sprite priorities in Seibu Cup Soccer.
  • Wilbert Pol updated z80dart.c:
    • The channel B modified interrupt vector can be read immediately after setting it.
    • Reading from a read register other than 0 also masks out the register index.
  • Angelo Salese fixed RAM fill in Seibu DMA COP command 0x116, allowing Godzilla to boot.
  • Johnboy provided Neo-Geo updates:
    • burningfh - Renamed p1 to hp1.
    • gowcaizr - Added correct C8 ROM.
    • 8man - Tagged MVS and AES version.
    • jockeygpa - Added alternate jockeygp set.
    • mslug5h - Corrected chip labels.
  • sxevious and Tafoid hooked up cocktail mode and proper controls for both players in Maze Invaders, adding button labels to describe the action of each.
  • David Haywood fixed general stability issues with 64-bit builds for cybertnk.c.
  • Angelo Salese implemented palette DMA brightness algorythm mode 5 in Seibu COP games, used by Seibu Cup Soccer, Godzilla, SD Gundam Rainbow Tairiku Senki and Legionnaire for fading effects.
  • David Haywood implemented preliminary road emulation in Cyber Tank.
  • Luca Elia renamed ilpag.c as blitz68k.c and added several games to the driver.
  • couriersud madre sdlmame now also look for fonts in "-fontpath". In addition, moved font config stuff into function search_font_config. This is in preparation to add ttf support to windows sdlmame build.
  • Tim Schuerewegen fixed an ARM CPU core bug with pre-indexed addressing opcodes, that was preventing Poizone to boot.
  • Couriersud fixed most-likely-to-fail SDL_TTF version check. Added a warning if strikethrough is specified but not supported.
  • Angelo Salese reimplemented scatter-gather Sprite DMA in Seibu COP used by SD Gundam Rainbow Tairiku Senki, also improving the functionality in it.
  • Tafoid greatly improved inputs and dip switches for ertictac.c.
  • David Haywood fixed playfield color issues in Seibu Cup Soccer.
  • ElBarto fixed *BSD compilation for SDLMAME.
  • Angelo Salese implemented preliminary Seibu COP macro command 0xdde5, used by Seibu Cup Soccer x/y radar positions.
  • O.Galibert implemented ROM banking support in Raiden 2 HW, improving Raiden 2 and Zero Team behaviour.
  • Andrew Gardner updated plygonet.c : fixed save state & device handler regressions.
  • Roberto Fresca updated the Golden Poker driver: Added new sets, and some notes about ipc-1 daughterboard encryption.
  • Tomasz Slanina provided a preliminary simulation of text layer protection in Chouji Meikyuu Legion.
  • James Wallace updated mpu4drvr.c: Account for the 45 degree trackball mounting.
  • Dr. Decapitator added the recent 87C52 MCU decaps to Wonder League Star and Wonder League '96.
  • Tafoid updated superchs.c: Moved Button 6 assignment to a DIP selection which is more appropriate for "Freeze Screen" behavior and added some missing port names.
  • angrylion and Harmony updated the RSP and RDP implementations to be largely bit-perfect and pixel-accurate.
  • Harmony fixed alpha compare in the N64 RDP implementation.
  • Roberto Fresca provided more Golden Poker driver cleanup. Added more references and reorganized some parent-clone relationship. Added some new sets.
  • Angelo Salese implemented Seibu COP macro 0x905, used for ark movements in Legionnaire / Zero Team when a knock down occurs.
  • Tim Schuerewegen provided ARM7+ updates:
    • Enhanced MMU with page fault support.
    • Preliminary 26-bit mode support.
    • Fixed bugs with S-flag operations on R15.
    • Fixed STRH involving R15.
    • Support for ARM models 7500 and 920T.
  • Aaron Giles added directxor parameter to direct memory accessors. Update all callers that manually XORed addresses to pass the XOR instead. This improves behaviour when direct accessors hit non-RAM regions, or when watchpoints are used, because we now know the original, un-xored address and can fall back to standard read/write handlers properly. Also fixes glitched disassembly when read watchpoints are enabled.
  • MooglyGuy fixed writes in the MIPS III interpreter.
  • Aaron Giles provided some bulk naming cleanups across the whole source base:
    • 1. MDRV_* -> MCFG_*
    • 2. running_device -> device_t
    • 3. mame_rand() -> machine->rand()
    • 4. memory_region() -> machine->region()->base()
    • 5. memory_region_length() -> machine->region()->bytes()
    • 6. region_info -> memory_region

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