MAME 0.145u7


Release Date

MAME 0.145u7 was released on 22 April 2012.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Hans Ostermeyer provided m68k improvements:
    • Fixed BFINS, BFEXTU, and BFEXTS to fetch 8-bit quantities as 8 bits (corrects Domain/OS 10.3.5 crash on page boundry).
    • Added SoftFloat log functions and m68k FLOGNP1, FLOGN, FLOG2, andFLOG10 instructions.
  • stephh fixed Dip Switches and Coin Inputs (after verification of the 5A22 code) in kinstb, ffight2b, iron, denseib, sblast2b (snesb.c).
  • David Haywood worked on PGM, Scorpion 4/5 and Astra Fruit Machine:
    • Slightly reworked some previous PGM submissions.
    • Reorganized many bfm_sc4/sc5 sound roms.
    • Added some notes, code and alternate revisions to astrafr.c.
  • Takahiro Nogi updated nbmj8891.c: Fixed font graphics in hanamomo.
  • R. Belmont updated uPD1990AC: Only latch CSx bits when STB is high.
  • David Haywood updated proconn.c:
    • Added the basic device definitions for this driver with some NULL callbacks for now, setting the framework for more progress later.
  • James Wallace provided a globalfr.c VFD improvement to allow for better debugging as well as some rom splitting of clones for the driver. Also did some stepper motor work to support more types.
  • David Haywood updated ecoinf3.c:
    • Added some 8255s (maybe too many, not sure how many the PCBs have) and identified where it writes the 'VFD' strings.
  • Brian Troha updated silvmil.c: Added known dipswitches & locations. Derived clock speeds from actual OSCs located on the PCB.
  • Andreas Naive revamped the sprite decryption of raiden2-like Seibu boards:
    • Added support for Zero Team.
    • Code refactored to clarify the algorithm.
  • Luca Elia provided improvements to Jaleco's "Stepping Stage Special"
    • Fixed memory maps, rom loading, added inputs.
    • Hooked up sprites, hacked in the text layer.
    • Can be made to boot using the debugger.
  • Sandro Ronco updated icecold.c:
    • This game has mechanical parts so it's not exactly playable, but it is possible try it until the end giving the expected inputs.
    • Imported the i8279 device from MESS and updated to support sensor mode and mask nibble.
    • Made a simple layout and the defined input ports.
  • David Haywood improved the serial emulation in 68307 and added some logging, removing the hack in bfm_sc4.c.
  • Roberto Fresca provided Meyco driver improvements:
    • Reworked Inputs for all games.
    • Added button-lamps support.
    • Created internal control layout for all games.
    • Added mech counters support.
    • Promoted all games to working state.
    • Renamed the mdrawpkra ROMs based on PCB picture.
    • Renamed the driver to meyc8080.c
    • Added technical and game notes.
  • hap provided preliminary Imagetek I5000 sound emulation.
  • David Haywood started giving Scorpion games their own reel / key configs, which is needed for most of them to pass their post / not hang on 'reel errors' or infinitely spinning reels. Also more work on 68307's.
  • James Wallace added some better command handling to stop SC4 games from overwriting their attract mode messages with garbage.
  • David Haywood did preliminary work on Scorpion 4 lamps + more set resorting.
  • David Haywood discovered similarities in gotcha.c to Data East Bootleg sprites, also happening to be the closest implementation to Silver Millennium in the sources. Refactored each based on this information.
  • David Haywood refactored a few things related to reels and use of layouts allowing for more function with less work.
  • Team CPS-1: provided a CPS-3 update:
    • Fixed CD Catalog # for jojoba 990927 and properly renamed the chd.
    • Realigned the games table.
  • Brian Troha updated paradise.c: Corrected Difficulty DSW for Penky and added notes about alternate DSW settings as found in scanned Pins & Dip manual.
  • Brian Troha updated gumbo.c: Added dipswitch locations to all sets in the driver.
  • Brian Troha updated sliver.c: Filled in / Corrected all dipswitches for Sliver and added dipswitch locations.
  • Brian Troha updated sangho.c: Filled in some dipswitches for Sexy Boom & Puzzle Star and added dipswitch locations.
  • Brian Troha updated pokechmp.c: Correct dipswitches as per manual and add dipswitch locations.
  • stephh updated sangho.c: Sexy Boom's difficulty DSW setting corrected and verified.

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