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MAME 0.200 was released on 25 July 2018.

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The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • AJR standardized order of "On"/"Off" items in UI menus with "On" consistently to the right of "Off".
  • AJR updated the x68000 driver: Compute refresh rates from CRTC parameters and known crystal values.
  • AJR eliminated "Atari VG EAROM" in favor of newer ER2055 device.
  • AJR updated the z8 core: Added dump of pre-programmed Z8671 MCU with BASIC/DEBUG interpreter.
  • AJR updated the x68000 driver: Separated VINAS/VICON CRTC device.
    • Angelo Salese updated cischeat.cpp: Improvements:
    • Reworked interrupt generation, and fixed attract mode de-synchronization in Big Run.
    • Fixed Grand Prix Star stuck tyre sprite in attract mode.
  • Angelo Salese updated ironhors.cpp: Changed Iron Horse frame rate to 61 Hz.
  • Angelo Salese updated sigmab52.cpp: Changed frame rate to 60 Hz.
  • Angelo Salese updated tetrisp2.cpp: Added support for YUV422 colors in Stepping Stage.
  • Barry Rodewald updated the amstrad driver: Added a device for PPI clone implemented by the Amstrad Plus ASIC, and used it for the Plus and GX4000.
    • Fixes Plus detection in some games, and correctly breaks inputs in Barbarian.
  • cam900 updated taito_b.cpp, tc0180vcu.cpp: Cleanup:
    • Moved TC0180VCU functionality from driver state class to device class and internalized graphics decoding.
    • Deferred allocation of buffers to start time.
    • Removed unused/redundant code.
  • cam900 updated lastduel.cpp: Cleanup:
    • Improved tag and variable naming, reduced code duplication, and reduced runtime tag map lookups.
    • Added a palette decoder function for palette.
  • cam900 updated seta001.cpp: Deferred allocation to start time and cleaned up code.
  • cam900 updated srmp2.cpp, thedealr.cpp, seta.cpp, champbwl.cpp: Reduced runtime tag lookups and cleaned up code.
  • cam900 updated taito_x.cpp: Cleanup:
    • Split out common parts of memory maps, and separated kyustrkr machine configuration.
    • Reduced runtime tag map lookups.
  • cam900 updated atarigt.cpp, cage.cpp, metalmx.cpp: Minor cleanup and runtime tag map lookup reduction.
  • cam900 updated nmk16.cpp: Updates and cleanup:
    • Reduced code duplication, improved tags, modernized banking, and reduced runtime tag map lookups.
    • Implemented sprite and palette size limits.
    • Added bad dump flag to ROMs in tdragon3h set sourced from a different PCB.
    • Improved save state support.
  • cam900 updated unico.cpp: Cleanup:
    • Improved member names and tags.
    • Deferred video RAM allocation to start time.
    • Reduced runtime tag map lookups and ACCESSING_BITS checks.
    • Added palette decoder function.
  • cam900 updated silkroad.cpp: Reduced redundant/unused code, and reduced ACCESSING_BITS checks.
  • cam900 updated drgnmst.cpp: Reduced code duplication and added palette decoder function.
  • cam900 updated namcoic.cpp: Simplified graphics decoding/manipulation and reduced code duplication.
    • Also moved Namco NB-2 ROZ banking to namconb1.cpp driver.
  • cam900 updated vgmplay.cpp: Fixed NMK112 bank table mask, and added support for Irem GA20, RF5C68, and RF5C164.
  • cam900 updated c140.cpp, c45.cpp, namco_c139.cpp: Cleaned up code, removed MCFG_ macros, and added object finders.
  • cam900 updated namcona1.cpp, tceptor2.cpp: Minor cleanup.
  • cam900 updated namcos2.cpp: Split out common C116 configuration and removed MCFG_ macros.
  • cam900 updated bbusters.cpp: Split out mechatt state class, reduced runtime tag map lookup, and simplified graphics decoding.
  • cam900 updated m107.cpp: Added buffered sprite RAM device, and split machine configuration according to ROM size/banking.
  • cam900 updated lynx.cpp: Modernized banking, reduced runtime tag map lookups, and cleaned up palette code.
  • cam900 updated argus.cpp: Cleanup:
    • Improved argus tilemap handling and added MACHINE_NO_COCKTAIL as scrolling is wrong when flipped.
    • Moved butasan tilemap scanning into mapper function.
    • Reduced code duplication.
  • cam900 updated realbrk.cpp: Fixed sprite priority, reduced runtime tag map lookups, and added notes.
  • cam900 updated sknsspr.cpp: Implemented bitmap clearing disable bit (used by galpani3).
  • cam900 updated suprnova.cpp: Restricted bitmap drawing to clipping rectangle.
  • cam900 updated galpani3.cpp: Implemented/fixed some effects and added notes.
    • Fixes background color fading in intro, and girl display in stage start.
  • cam900 updated kaneko_grap2.cpp: Added device_palette_interface for palette.
  • David Haywood made many class members private and removed dead code exposed.
  • Enik Land updated 315_5124.cpp: Updates and improvements:
    • Renamed Game Gear VDP to 315-5377 to match the maintenance manual.
    • Added a device to support behaviour specific to the 315-5313 in mode 4.
    • Made 315-5377 (Game Gear) and 315-5212 (Mega Drive) derive from 315-5256 (SMS2) rather than 314-5124 (SMS1).
    • Improved timing behaviour (verified with Flubba's VDP Test for 315-5313 in mode 4).
    • Emulated sprite status register bits indicating first sprite that overflows.
    • Implemented sprite zoom limit for 315-5124/315-5313.
    • Fixed incorrect scrolling exhibited in Charles' scrolling test.
    • Improved color of leftmost column in mode 4 when fine scroll is applied.
    • Implemented display mode 1 (text) and mode 3 (multicolor).
  • Justin Kerk fixed crash when running a DRC CPU core under Emscripten (github #2794).
  • Frank Palazzolo updated cassette.cpp: Fixed handling of multi-channel reads.
  • MoochMcGee updated the i386 core: Fixed two cppcheck warnings.
  • Nigel Barnes added Acorn Bus slot devices.
    • For Acorn Atom: AtomSID, Acorn Atom Disc Pack, Econet Board.
    • For Acorn System: 32K Dynamic RAM Board, 8K Static RAM Board, Cassette Interface Board, Econet Board, Floppy Disc Controller Board, 40 Column VDU Board, 80x25 VDU Board, Versatile Interface Board.
    • For CMS: CMS 40/80 Video Terminal Card, CMS Floppy Disc Controller, CMS High Resolution Colour Graphics Card.
  • Nigel Barnes updated the a6809 driver: Renamed to acrnsys3_6809, and rewrote with card slot devices.
  • Nigel Barnes updated the ef9365 device: Clear frame buffer memory on reset.
  • Nigel Barnes updated the camplynx_cas softlist: Added support for multiple files (concatenated) in TAP file.
  • O. Galibert updated emumem.cpp: Replaced with new, modernized back-end.
  • OzFalcon updated williams.cpp, wmg.cpp: Removed hard-coded default service button assignments.
  • Patrick Mackinlay updated interpro.cpp: Improved to the point where CLIX boots on the ip2000.
    • Includes re-written IOGA interrupt and DMA handling, and fixes for CPU and MMU issues.
  • Patrick Mackinlay updated the nscsi device: Added support for CD-ROM drives with 512-byte blocks (required for many UNIX workstations).
    • Also added stubs for "prevent/allow medium removal", and improved hard disk "inquiry" command behaviour.
  • R. Belmont provided apple2e updates:
    • Added debugger guards to avoid accidentally banking out ROM.
    • Fixed floating bus reads - synchronizes Talbot Fantasy Seven credits screen.
  • R. Belmont re-wrote the apple2gs driver using address map bank device.
  • R. Belmont updated the apple2gs driver: Fixed issues with Jam Session and ACS Demo Disk #2.
  • R. Belmont updated the es5503 device: Fixed bad playback of synthLAB sampled-attack looped-sustain instruments.
  • R. Belmont updated the mc146818 device: Added support for direct-access bus hook-up method used by MIPS DECstations.
  • Robbbert provided trs80 work in progress:
    • Split into separate sources.
    • Fixed UI paste/natural keyboard.
    • Added UART, RS-232, and Baud rate clock/BRG depending on hardware.
    • Fixed UART status on sys80.
    • Fixed cassette waveform.
    • Tidied up and modernised code.
    • Added monitor documentation.
  • Robbbert updated the ht1080z driver: Added ay8910.
  • Ryan Holtz updated the ps2sony driver: Fleshed out the skeleton driver.
    • Added device to encapsulate PlayStation 2 timers.
    • Temporarily hacked R5900 core to always have scratchpad RAM mapped at 0x70000000.
    • Added reference counting to divtlb so it does not unmap pages that are still shared with other entries.
    • Added skeleton GIF, VIF1 and GS devices.
  • Ryan Holtz updated the mips3 core: Added basic Emotion Engine support.
  • shattered updated the kr03 driver: Defined native keyboard layout (partially addresses MT05818).
  • snickerbockers updated the PowerVR2 device: re-implemented color calculation.
  • Stefan Bruns moved instantiation of device_finder for interface classes from implementation sources to interface sources.
    • Avoids multiple explicit instantiations with the same template arguments.
  • Vas Crabb updated the devcb system: Replaced with new, more flexible implementation.
    • Converted a number of devices and drivers to use the newly supported less macro-dependent syntax.
  • Vas Crabb provided layout system improvements:
    • Allow screens to be referenced by tag in layouts.
    • Allow an internal layout to be supplied per device rather than just per system, with relative screen and input tags.
    • Improved view generation and selection for systems with two screens.
    • Added support for user variables and repetition in layouts, and converted a number of layouts.
  • Al Kossow updated the v550 driver: Added keyboard program ROM dump.
  • Al Kossow added skeleton device for WD1007A ESDI hard disk controller.
  • Leezer updated hiscore.dat: Updated for recent changes.
  • Wayder updated the x68k_flop softlist: Updates:
    • Organised and corrected entries, and replaced disk images with new dumps.
    • Removed Ninin Battle (Alt) - it's a modified copy.
    • Updated/corrected missing dumps, release years, and Japanese titles.
  • xinyingho updated the ibm5170 softlist: Fixed typo in interface for Turbo Pascal 6.01 (German).