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MAME 0.202 was released on 26 September 2018.

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The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • AJR updated the pipibibsbl driver: Fixed clocks - they're different to original.
  • AJR moved imperfect graphics flag from drivers to PSX GPU device.
  • AJR updated the m6502 core: Made SET instruction in Mitsubishi M740 subfamily actually affect execution (fixes MT07091).
  • AJR updated the m79152pc driver: Implemented cursor, scrolling support, and some video attributes.
  • AJR updated the froggervd driver: Patched program ROMs, allowing game to work.
  • AJR updated the imds2 driver: Split out emulation of I/O controller board as separate device.
    • Also identified and added more IOC firmware revisions.
  • AJR updated the z80dart device: Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
    • Default RxD to 1 to avoid spurious break condition.
    • Corrected CTS level in RR0 after "Reset External/Status Interrupt" command.
    • Allow immediate de-assertion of RTS output when nothing is being transmitted.
  • AJR updated pcd.cpp: Fixed pcx display.
  • AmatCoder updated tzx_cass.cpp: Finish a block with a 1 ms minimum pause when specified pause length is zero.
  • AmatCoder updated dsk_dsk.cpp: Read sectors with deleted mark set.
  • anikom15 made MAME apply scanline effect before defocus effect, and moved scanline effect into separate shader.
  • Bryan McPhail updated megatech.cpp: Added cart label numbers from manual.
  • Bryan Perris updated the mips3 core: Fixed DMULT/DMULTU behaviour (GitHub #3718).
  • cam900 updated lethalj.cpp, artmagic.cpp: Reduced run-time tag map lookups, and improved function and region naming.
  • cam900 updated raiden2.cpp, r2dx_v33.cpp: Corrected Oki M6295 clock and pin 7 level for zeroteam, nzerotea, and zerotm2k.
  • cam900 updated legionna.cpp: Corrected metadata for denjinmk.
  • cam900 updated psikyo.cpp, dreamwld.cpp: Fixed tilemap rowscroll effects.
  • cam900 improved PC-FX sound:
    • huc6230: Fixed PSG, converted ADPCM update to timer callback, and implemented CD-DA volume control.
    • huc6272: Fixed CD-DA output.
  • cam900 updated yunsun16.cpp: Reduced code duplication, run-time tag map lookups and unused members, and simplified tilemap scanning code.
  • cam900 provided a funybubl.cpp cleanup:
    • Cleaned up member and region naming, and reduced run-time tag map lookups.
    • Corrected Oki M6295 clock and converted sample space to memory bank.
    • Corrected palette size and converted to use palette decoder member.
    • Converted VRAM to use address map bank device, and converted drawing to use tilemap system.
  • cam900 updated sshangha.cpp: Fixed Oki M6295 clock and pin 7 level.
  • cam900 updated nmg5.cpp: Converted bitmap layer to use a MAME bitmap, reduced need for ACCESSING_BITS, and reduced code duplication.
  • cam900 updated neogeo.cpp, neopcb.cpp: Eliminated register_postload, and eliminated some MCFG macro usage.
  • cam900 updated neogeocd.cpp: Re-worked to better match MAME code conventions.
  • David Haywood updated crospang.cpp: Fixed tile banking - should fix bugs in bestri.
  • David Haywood updated raiden2.cpp: Organised Raiden 2 and Raiden DX set by code revision.
  • David Haywood updated the seta001 device: Removed a sprite drawing kludge.
  • David Haywood updated sshanghai.cpp: Improved video mixing and palette handling.
  • David Haywood updated fuukifg2.cpp, fuukifg3.cpp: Fixed tilemap buffer offset.
  • David Haywood updated namcos2.cpp, namcos21.cpp: Use configured banking for audio CPU program.
  • David Haywood updated namcos2.cpp: Separated C123, C169, C355 and ROZ drawing emulation from driver class.
  • David Haywood updated namcos21.cpp: Split into three drivers for different configurations, and moved DSP emulation to a device.
  • Dirk Best updated the opwolf driver: Removed C-chip simulation and cleaned up code.
  • Dirk Best updated the opwolfb driver: Inputs are read by Z80 and written to shared RAM.
  • kazblox provided galaxian.cpp updates:
    • Improved machine configuration and video sync in Take Off, Explorer, and Amigo (set 2).
    • Marked Explorer and Amigo (set 2) as having imperfect sound emulation.
    • Marked Take Off as having incorrect colors
    • Fixed Jump Bug starfield limit.
    • Fixed bullet size in Scramble.
    • Derived jungsub clocks from the L-1200-2 pixel clock, as the Subelectro 113 board has no crystals.
    • Improved SF-X and Monster Zero background drawing.
    • Changed turpins to derive from Super Cobra rather than Scramble.
    • Added sound program ROMs from Amidar to Mandinga, marked as bad dump.
    • Improved protection simulation for The End and Scramble.
  • kazblox updated the mimonscr driver: Fixed video RAM mirror address - score is now displayed correctly.
  • kunikuni updated pacland.cpp: Improved sprite priority and drawing at screen edges.
  • MASH updated williams.cpp: Fixed Speed Ball inputs.
  • Nigel Barnes updated the bbcb driver: Added AMS 3" Microdrive Disc System and Microware DDFS FDC floppy controller options (latter is not working).
  • Nigel Barnes updated the bbc driver: Added Acorn Bitstik and Bitstik 2 analogue controllers.
  • Nigel Barnes updated the acorn_fdc, atom_discpack devices: Set READY on HEAD_LOAD.
  • O. Galibert updated the emumem API: Fixed I/O ports and memory banks in internal maps.
  • Patrick Mackinlay updated the interpro driver: Fixed network emulation.
    • osdnet, dinetwork: Fixed time travel issues.
    • taptun: Pad short frames and append frame check sequence on Windows.
    • clipper: Fixed bugs in carry flag handling.
    • i82586: Improved interrupt handling, implemented serialisation delays, fixed transmit bug, and added reset handling.
  • Peter Ferrie updated apple2e.cpp: Corrected I/O intercepts to match hardware behaviour.
  • R. Belmont and Peter Ferrie updated the apple2e driver: Fixed issues with cards in slots 1 and 2 that use the $C800 space.
  • R. Belmont provided decstation improvements:
    • Emulated accelerated quasi-blitter enough to get a working console.
    • Added LANCE Ethernet controller.
    • Started implementing IRQ handling in gate array.
  • Robbbert updated the z8 core: Fixed numerous bugs, including detection of stack type, JP and CALL with indirect register addressing, and DA.
  • Roberto Fresca and Grull Osgo provided luckybal.cpp updates:
    • Implemented banking and I/O multiplexing.
    • Added DIP switch locations, and added pinout and I/O connections to notes.
  • Ryan Holtz added preliminary AMD LANCE Ethernet controller device.
  • Ryan Holtz provided sun4.cpp updates:
    • Ignore writes to ASIs used by unemulated write-through cache controller.
    • Fixed DMA and MMU page fault handling.
    • Trigger memory access exceptions on access to undefined memory types.
    • Added SBus slots with support for bwtwo, cgthree and cgsix cards.
    • Added an alternate FCode PROM for the bwtwo framebuffer.
    • Added a skeleton Artecon SB300P 3-serial/1-parallel SBus card device.
    • Corrected timekeeper type.
    • Added sun4c MMU device implementing S4-buffer, S4-cache and S4-MMU functionality.
  • Ryan Holtz updated the sparc core: Fixed TBR masking on traps and interrupts, and refactored CPU/MMU interface for better performance.
  • Ryan Holtz updated the nscsi_cd device: Return data from correct offset when initiating read at a block that isn't on a sector boundary.
  • Ryan Holtz updated timekpr.cpp: Fixed issue that could cause updates to be missed.
  • Ryan Holtz and Andrew Liles added skeleton SunPC 5x86 Accelerator, SunSwift 10/100 Ethernet + Fast Wide SCSI, and TurboGX+ SBus card devices.
  • smf updated the 32x driver: Improved audio FIFO behaviour and corrected DAC resolution.
  • smf updated the NES APU device: Removed read/write trampolines and corrected channel enable reset state.
  • smf provided vgmplay updates:
    • Added support for Sega 32X sound.
    • Added support for Y8950, YM2608, YM2610 and YM2612 sample playback.
    • Added support for C6280, SN76496 and YM2203 sample playback.
    • Automatically enable NES APU and Sega 32X channels in bad rips missing the enable commands.
    • Assume default header size if header size read from file is invalid.
    • Fixed off-by-one error in bounds check on PCM write.
  • smf updated the emumem API: Fixed unmapped read values with subunits.
  • smf updated the mcr68 driver: Mapped 6840 on lower data bits on all games - matches schematics for blasted.
  • smf updated the PSX GPU device: Implemented textured dot rendering, transparent dots and line, and semi-transparent (STP) drawing.
  • smf updated tandy1t.cpp: Improved keyboard simulation (improves behaviour in t100tx MS-DOS BASIC).
  • smf and coolmod updated zn.cpp: Hooked up Primal Rage 2 watchdog.
  • snickerbockers updated powervr2.cpp: Store different polygon types into separate lists, and ignore alpha value for opaque polygons.
  • superctr updated zsg2.cpp: Properly reset emphasis filter state at key-on (fixes popping in raystorm song 12).
  • Sven Schnelle updated the nereid device: Implemented palette read-back, and fixed save states.
  • Sven Schnelle updated the topcat device: Implemented interrupts, cursor register read-back, plane enable, pixel placement rules, and other fixes.
  • Sven Schnelle updated the i8291 device: Set BO bit only if receiver is ready, fix MJMN bit, reset EOI flag when in TIDS, and implemented DCAS.
  • Ted Green updated the voodoo_pci device: Return different values for PCI configuration register 0x40 depending on GPU type (fixes MT06874).
  • Tim Lindner updated coco12.cpp, coco3.cpp: Use CLEAR or CTRL as second shift, allowing more punctuation to be typed in natural keyboard mode.
  • Vas Crabb re-wrote serial mouse emulation:
    • Simplified code and eliminated timers.
    • Split Microsoft mouse into separate two-button (Microsoft), three-button (Logitech), and click wheel devices.
    • Made Mouse Systems mouse behaviour better match early Mouse Systems models.
    • Added "rotatable" Mouse Systems mouse support (untested due to lack of software).
    • Added Sun mouse support, currently hacked to run at 9,600 Baud to work around a separate issue.
  • Vas Crabb fixed issue where dual-screen systems could be incorrectly displayed with 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • ack updated neogeo.cpp: Dumped sp1-u4 BIOS from a US 4-slot MVS.
  • Brian Troha updated seta2.cpp: Added P0-113A PCB layout and note about undumped version of Guardians using this board.
  • caius and Brian Troha updated vamphalf.cpp: Re-dumped Cool Minigame Collection (Italy).
  • caius updated suprnova.cpp: Verified PLD dumps.
  • ClawGrip updated the valtric driver: Re-dumped text ROM vt_07.bin and corrected size.
  • f205v corrected and improved documentation in konamigx.cpp, konamim2.cpp, and wecleman.cpp.
  • f205v updated the f1superb driver: Changed title to match manual and title screen.
  • Hydreigon updated vegas.cpp: Updated flags to better reflect emulation status.
  • Leezer updated hiscore.dat for recent changes in MAME.
  • MicroCoreLabs updated ibmpc.cpp: Verified dump of 08/16/82 revision of IBM 5160 (PC/XT) BIOS.
  • MikeMcBike updated digel804.cpp: Dumped Celectronic Berlin/Digelec Promicron 2000 programmer v2.3 BIOS.
  • ShouTime updated vastar.cpp: Dumped PROMs for dogfightp.
  • sjy96525 corrected metadata for Chess Challenge 2, Dirt Dash, and Heuk Sun Baek Sa.
  • sjy96525 updated taitogn.cpp: Removed redundant flag from Usagi.
  • Wellington Uemura added abbreviated forms of some command-line options to documentation.