MAME 0.70u5


Release Date

MAME 0.70u5 was released on 29 June 2003.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • David Haywood, Guru, and Leon van Rooij made improvements and Fixes to Strato Fighter / Raiga. There are still some graphics problems (priority, incomplete alpha blending effects, bad tiles)
  • Guru improved the ncv1 filenames
  • Nathan Woods made various changes
    • Introduced a "debug cookie"; when in debug mode, puts a cookie value in the mame_file structure to prevent files from being closed twice without an assertion
    • Fixes a bug in visible area changing in windowed, non-stretch mode. Previously, when the visible area changed, the code would simply change the visible area, and look at the resulting window size and tweak it accordingly with win_adjust_window(). The problem with this is that if you have a sequence where the visible area is made larger, then smaller again, what would happen is you wouldn't get the original window size; you would simply get the enlarged window with a bunch of buffer area. Now instead of calling win_adjust_window(), I added code that preserves the "scale" factors, and the space between the emulation rectangle and the window client area.
    • Added a call win_ddraw_fullscreen_margins() that given the dwWidth and dwHeight parameters of a DirectDraw surface, comes up with a RECT that represents the margins. For MAME, this is a very simple operation (a rectangle from (0,0)-(dwWidth,dwHeight)) (and the implementation that I've submitted is corrspondingly simple), but in MESS the window can have a menu bar so this operation works differently. I've also modified winddraw.c and wind3d.c to use this call.
    • Changes timers so that they are now 'mame_timer *' instead of 'void *'. mame_timer is an opaque structure, similar to mame_file in fileio.h. I didn't update any code using timers yet; it doesn't seem to me that there isn't a rush and since they used 'void *' before, everything compiles just fine. I hope noone objects to this one.
    • Fixes a potential crash in jaguar_tom_regs_w() (while this crash doesn't occur under normal execution of the cojag games though, it can occur if modified ROMs are being used).
    • Added #if/#endif pair
  • Leon van Rooij changed the message for double clicking on the EXE slightly

Game Support

New Games supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status

New clones added

  • Some namco ones that were forgotten last time