Release Date

MAME 0.80 was released on 6 March 2004.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Nicola Salmoria contributed a large Namco update:
    • pacland: fixed sprite RAM, it was too big and included normal program RAM, causing sprites to be drawn twice.
    • pacland: fixed irq enable
    • pacland: fixed tilemap scroll offsets and sprite positions
    • pacland: accurate emulation of tile/sprite priority (including fix of bugs introduced when the driver was converted to tilemaps) and sprite visibility area
    • pacland36b16 is not a bug - colors match the real game
    • added SOUND_NAMCO_CUS30 for better documentation (alias for the standard SOUND_NAMCO)
    • drgnbstr36rc2gre
    • skykidd works with a patch (a dump of the CUS60A internal ROM is needed to do without the patch)
    • metrocross: fixed irq enable, this fixes inputs in service mode
    • baraduke060gre
    • baraduke36rc2gre, it is improved, there are still gaps left but this is correct behaviour verified on the real board
    • baraduke, system86: understood how sprite RAM buffering works, this fixes sprite lag but causes a glitch in rthunder (which might be correct behaviour)
    • system86: totally rewritten the 63701X emulation and moved it to a separate module. Fixed silence compression, this improves quality in some samples; supported volume control.
    • genpeitd067gre fixed
    • rthundro37b14red I think is fixed; but the game still sometimes crashes when you die
    • rthunder, genpetid: fixed watchdog emulation, this allows entering service mode without resetting
  • Angelo Salese made various ST-V Improvements (brightness controls)
  • Nathan Woods added misc fixes:
    • Fixed the ABCD opcode for the hd6309
    • Fixed a small typo in the DMADAC interface line in the sound system
    • Added a security margin to the tms5220 in the estimate of the delay for speech synthesis ready line to come low (needed for a MESS side bug fix)
    • Added some completion messages to chdman, and fixed the code that was falsely assuming that progress() was a function pointer
    • Changed video_window_proc() to win_video_window_proc() and made non-static so that MESS's window proc can call it.
    • Changed win_init_window() to use MESS's window proc (within #ifdef MESS of course)
    • Added a win_suspend_directx global variable to temporarily turn off DirectX usage (used in MESS)
    • Added a few minor MESS specific #ifdefs
    • Added an entry for the TMS99100 processor
    • Introduces cpu_getscanlinetime_mt() and cpu_getscanlineperiod_mt(); variants on their namesake calls except they return mame_time instead of double
  • Aaron Giles made various improvements to the Gaelco3D system
  • smf cleaned up the ZN driver
  • Quench made misc 32010 related updates:
    • TMS32010 CPU core
      • Added internal Data memory map
      • Fixed Overflow on the ADDH instruction
    • Twin Cobra / Wardner
      • Converted to Tilemaps
      • Corrected Savestate setup
      • Little cleanups to the Machine code
      • Adjustments for TMS32010 internal data map
    • Toaplan1
      • Corrected Savestate setup
      • Adjustments for TMS32010 internal data map
    • HardDrivin
      • Adjustments for TMS32010 internal data map
  • Alex Eddy fixed a vector clipping bug in mhavoc
  • Lawrence Gold fixed some GCC warnings:
    • ISO C89 forbids mixed declarations and code
    • warning: comma at end of enumerator list
  • Discrete Sound Changes
    • fixed/added more documentation of functions at top of discrete.h
    • DISCRETE_555_ASTABLE - changed to use common options with DISCRETE_555_CC.
    • DISCRETE_TRANSFORMx - fixed bug that preformed math in the wrong order.
    • Also added more math functions.
  • New Discrete Modules Added
    • DISCRETE_555_CC - Constant Current based 555 VCO with 8 main configurations, that automatically configure from components used.
    • DISCRETE_566 - NE566 simulation.
    • DISCRETE_COMP_ADDER - Multiple parallel capacitor/resistor circuit.
    • DISCRETE_DAC_R1 - R1 Ladder DAC that automatically configures from components used.
    • DISCRETE_MIXERx - Resistor/Op Amp mixer stage with filtering that calulates proper gains & filtering. It automatically configure from components used.
    • DISCRETE_SCHMITT_OSCILLATOR - VCO based on a Schmitt Inverter.
  • Game Driver Changes
    • poolshrk - Converted to new component value only code.
    • firetrk, montecar, superbug - Converted to new component value only code. Pulled discrete code out and put in sndhrdw\ataridis.c. montecar still needs filtering on crash sound.
    • atarifb, canyon & skydiver - minor changes to work with new code.
    • triplhnt - added component value discrete sound, but have not figured out Shot and Bear Roar video memory locations. These are needed to make sound effects work.

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