MAME 0.81u5


Release Date

MAME 0.81u5 was released on 14 April 2004.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Aaron Giles removed the vblank callback logging left in by mistake
  • Aaron Giles fixed the slow Seattle boot times caused by a recent IDE change
  • Aaron Giles made a DCS2 upload command HLE optimization (to make driver easier to work with)
  • Aaron Giles contributed fixes for the MIPS core:
    • made more MIPS core interrupt fixes
    • MIPS core MIPS3DRC_FLUSH_PC option for accurate PC handling when debugging
    • Fixed a MIPS bug when directly accessing 2-byte values in big endian mode
  • Aaron Giles updated the Seattle driver:
    • seattle
      • improved VBLANK interrupt handling
      • cleaned up handling of DMA operations
      • DMA operations now properly pause if they can't write to the voodoo
      • now returning proper PCI IDs for the bridge device
      • mapped more inputs and DIP switches for Biofreaks
      • fixed clock speed for Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey
      • cleaned up memory maps
      • added Vapor TRX to the supported games
      • added entries for Hyperdrive and SF Rush: The Rock (no hard disks ATM)
    • midwayic
      • added faux support for setting the real time clock (to pass diags)
      • added shuffle map for Vapor TRX
      • implemented crude loopback in UART (to pass diags)
    • voodoo
      • added full memory FIFO emulation
      • removed hack for fastfill operations after a buffer swap
      • added compile time option to reduce the resolution
      • added client callbacks for VBLANK synchronization
      • cleaned up handling of statistics and debugging info
      • added optional R/B component swapping (for vaportrx)
      • fixed crashing problems when executing Midway POSTs
      • now dynamically computing refresh rate based on hSync/vSync registers
  • David Haywood improved Raiden 2 Sprite Drawing: Game still not playable due to banking / protection issues
  • Nathan Woods contributed misc fixes:
    • Added __attribute__((noreturn)) to osd_die() when compiling under GCC 2.5 and greater
    • Converted printf()/exit() combination of calls to osd_die()
    • osd_die() messages now get sent to both logerror and console output
    • Implemented i386 in/out instructions
  • ElSemi improved lighting in the Model 1 driver
  • Ville Linde updated the SPI System:
    • Applied text layer decrypt to the regular tiles, it also improves them a lot
    • Greatly improved tilemap emulation including scrolling, layer disables, etc.
    • Improved tilemap emulation further, including tile bank select and palette bank select.
    • Supports alternate (older?) video hardware in viperp1 with one fewer tilemap and a different VRAM layout.
    • Added mahjong keyboard controller for ejanhs, but it doesn't coin up yet.
    • Improved sprite drawing
    • Sound starting to work in the single-board rf2_us
  • R. Belmont cleaned up the Konami GX driver:
    • Removed Acho's fake dipswitches to avoid confusing real PCB owners
    • Unified and cleaned up memory maps to latest specs.
    • Some more protection emulation for rushhero (the spritelist is now copied to the right place), but no visible results
    • Removed unused routines to stop warnings on GCC 3.3+
    • Fixed the PSAC tile decode for type 3 and type 4 games.
    • Fixed the PSAC tilemap flipx/y flags for type 3.
  • Curt Coder made Rock-ola Improvements:
    • More cleanup
    • Added sn76477 interfaces to other games, not connected yet, needs discrete sound expert (wink wink)
    • Added vanguard SHOTB sound effect
    • Added NO_DUMP to vangrdce fake roms
    • Correct ROM names for nibbler from manual
  • Barry Rodewald improved the MegaPlay driver allowing it to pass more checks

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