MAME 0.87


Release Date

MAME 0.87 was released on 21 September 2004.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Sebastien Volpe made a small update to the Kaneko drivers
    • correct dipswitches for bonkadv
    • galpanib protection moved to machine\kaneko16.c, and sandscrp uses it
    • merged read/write memory maps for the 3 galpanic sets
  • Norix added support for 16 joystick buttons
  • Anonymous made an 8-way input fix for some mappy.c games (grobda, motos, phozon). These games were set to 4-way input in the previous update.
  • Angelo Salese made various improvements
    • vamphalf.c
      • improvements to vamphalf making it almost playable* it actually is now playable thanks to further improvements from others (see below)
    • yumefuda.c
      • temporarly patched eeprom check,fixed the graphics bankswitching & added sound in Yumefuda.I don't have added controls yet so it isn't playable.
    • acommand.c
      • Preliminary driver for Alien Command.Doesn't work yet...
    • gstriker.c
      • Very preliminary MCU emulation for World Cup '94.Hangs in various places since I don't have worked on them yet...
  • Nicola Salmoria made improvements to Paint and Puzzle, game is almost playable
  • Bryan McPhail made some Taito F3 improvements
    • Recalhorn now up to a playable standard. This game exposed some bugs in the way the sprite renderer handled the special command bits (ie, the sprite list jump command occurs _after_ the current sprite has been processed, not before, plus bankswitch & global positioning flags can be set on the same sprite - they aren't exclusive, all makes perfect sense from a hardware point of view). These fixes really should be put into taito_f2 and hybrid f3 games as well, though I doubt it will make any visual difference.
    • Command War is playable too, except for the fact a layer doesn't seem to disappear when in the fighting sequence, and it's offset by 8 pixels in the movement sequence.
  • Bryan McPhail improved the Rohga driver:
    • Rohga - Despite massive amounts of time spent on writing trojan's to probe the protection this still isn't complete. The game hangs at the end of level 5. A quick look at decoprot.c should reveal just how nasty this game is... Graphics emulation is complete but the priority register never seems to be written properly (protection?) so some things look wrong.
    • Schmeiser Robo - Not working 100%. The game puts graphics info through the protection chip so in this case the game looks wrong even though the gameplay is actually running correctly. Uses a strange double buffer feature of the protection chip that the Deco games don't (seem to) use.
  • Ernesto Corvi added the Truco Clemente driver
    • This is as good I could get it working...
    • Problems:
      • Wrong Colors
      • Audio is not 100% yet, I think.
    • The board is definitely a conversion of some other board. My guess is a Pacman-style board, since some of the addresses match (watchdog, etc). Maybe somebody more familiar with those type of boards can figure out if they used the same color proms (I tried the MsPacman ones, and didn't match).
  • vernimark fixed mrtnt colours (verified to use pacman proms)
  • Tomasz Slanina and * Pierpaolo Prazzoli made some Hyperstone core fixes
    • Tomasz Slanina
      • Added "undefined" C flag to shift left instructions
    • Pierpaolo Prazzoli
    • Added interrupts-block for delay instructions
    • Fixed get_emu_code_addr
    • Added LDW.S and STW.S instructions
    • Fixed floating point opcodes

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