Release Date

MAME 0.89u6 was released on 17 December 2004.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Nicola Salmoria updated the MC8193 driver:
    • expanded the decryption tables, they change when bit 15 of the address is set
    • table for 317-0066 (Altered Beast) almost complete, but there are still some uncertain values for codes above 8000 (not actually needed)
    • incomplete table for 317-0054 (Shinobi). Still not enough to decrypt the program.
    • tables for 317-0043 (wbml) and ninjakd2 derived by comparison of the original with the decrypted bootleg. They are incomplete but enough to fully decrypt the program. Unfortunately Block Gal and Perfect Billiards cannot be done in the same way because encrypted and decrypted programs are different versions.
  • Nathan Woods fixed the i386 core:
    • disassembler will now list segment prefixes when appropriate
    • fixed LMSW opcode
  • Aaron Giles added a new Sega X-Board driver:
    • many improvements over the old driver
    • improved sprites (see thunderblade)
    • improved road layer (see abcop, thunderblade)
    • guns in line of fire (but it hangs at the end of the level)
    • better tilemap support (from 16b)
    • gprider no longer boots (nested interrupts)
  • Pierpaolo Prazzoli uddated the nmk16 video:
    • Added sprites priorities (still few problems with priority = 0)
    • Fixed raphero and mmacros2 background
    • Fixed manybloc (added scrolls, fixed background gfx)
    • Added background banking in acrobatm

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