Release Date

MAME 0.97u1 was released on 9 June 2005.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Aaron Giles changed the v60 CPU to clock multiple cycles per instruction instead of requiring every driver to divide the clock; updated all drivers to use the correct clock speed.
  • Aaron Giles made the expression engine in the debugger a little more generic to support its use in other tools.
  • Aaron Giles began a cleanup of the Sega System 32 driver. Things may not work as well as before; this will be fixed over time. Do not report bugs on it
  • Pierpaolo Prazzoli hooked up the Pest Place redump, fixed dkong3b colors, and added support for Control Type dipswitch in Street Heat.
  • MASH fixed missing speech in Hyper Crash.
  • David Haywood updated the protection in Dream World. Still not working.
  • Mamesick moved gearshift display in polepos to debug-only build.
  • Mamesick fixed the Z80 frequency in the Toki bootleg.
  • Mamesick added a workaround for bad shadow sprites in Dyna Gear.
  • Bryan McPhail added a proper C-chip emulation to Operation Wolf.
  • Phil Stroffolino did a major update to Namco System 21 driver:
    • Starblade is working with emulated master/slave DSPs. Graphic updates are a bit choppy; I believe there are 4 slaves and one master on the real PCB, with work distributed across the slaves. Some background objects are still missing in Starblade - the giant "starships" in the background of the first stage, for example (sprites are present showing burning fires which are supposed to be superimposed on them). The "direct drawing" feature is used during the high score presentation; colors are likely wrong, and there are missing graphics there as well (hexagons).
    • Solvalou works, but occasionally 3d graphics stop updating; press "A" to unblock the pipeline and resume drawing them.
    • The other System 21 titles are not working for various reasons. Solvalou needed cuskey support (used from the master DSP). Cybersled appears to use a different mechanism for uploading DSP code.
  • Nathan Woods added debugger suppot for the decrementer register in the PowerPC core.
  • Bryan McPhail implemented column scroll in the TC0100SCN chip; used on (at least) Ninja Kids, Gun Frontier, Growl and Galemedes.
  • Ville Linde added a ADSP-21062 core and partially hooked it up for the Model 2B games.
  • Ville Linde made additional progress on the PowerPC DRC (faster), support for more exceptions, better support for the PPC internal serial ports.
  • Ville Linde made progress on the Konami PowerPC drivers:
    • Cleaned up and consolidated common hardware
    • Hooked up ADSP-21062 and 3dfx chips
    • Initial reverse-engineering work on the KS001005 custom 3D chipset in GTI Club
    • Initial NVRAM values plugged in for many games. (They're used as a crude protection, similar to the EEPROM on GV System).
    • No games are playable or even show much yet, but nearly all of them do pass POST now.
  • Ville Linde fixed a minor bug in the SCSP timer handling.
  • Aaron Giles fixed a memory leak in the cpu subsystem.

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