MAME 0.99u1


Release Date

MAME 0.99u1 was released on 10 August 2005.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Aaron Giles undid a hack that was accidentally left in the MCR games in the last release.
  • Hans Andersson fixed a bug in spiders that caused bad video in cocktail mode.
  • cync fixed several problems in the H8/3002 core. Improves sound in Namco System 12 and ND-1.
  • Ville Linde made major improvements to the YMF271 sound core:
    • Fixed timer A calculation
    • Fixed note pitch calculation
    • Added envelope generator
    • Added stereo panning and fixed other volume calculations
    • Added FM sound generation
  • MASH figured out the encryption key for Graplop (set 2).
  • Aaron Giles rewrote the configuration reader/writer code to be more generic and easier for other subsystems to plug into. This necessitated a rewrite of the way the existing code reads config data. As a result, your game.cfg files will be invalid after this update. Your default.cfg and existing controller-specific .cfg files should work fine.
  • R. Belmont fixed all the mystwarr.c games so they pass their service mode mask ROM tests, with the exception of Metamorphic Force (it gets hung up on the road generator ("LVC") test for some reason).
  • David Haywood and MASH fixed Monster Bash (2-board version) so it works now, though the graphics are still not perfect.
  • Aaron Giles turned off -fomit-frame-pointer in optimized builds. It was leading to crashes when used with setjmp/longjmp on Windows builds.
  • MASH added a green overlay to Meadows Lanes.
  • David Haywood made various improvements to the simple Deco 156 games:
    • Modified video code to use the functions in deco16ic.c
    • Changed Osman to default to 3 buttons as per Guru's eeprom dump.
  • R. Belmont updated the Namco System 22 driver:
    • Hooked up MCU/CPU communications properly
    • The MCU now reads the controls in Prop Cycle, Alpine Racer, and Cyber Cycles
    • Sound effects and music are now present in all Super System 22 games

Game Support

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