General reminder, we're still looking for several System 16 games...  BULLET, Excite League, Charon??, 
 Super League, Last Survivor.  We REALLY need to find these before they die.
  • Shooting Master - MCU protection, shares RAM, used in non-obvious ways, some gfx problems, system 1 driver could really do with big clean / rewrite anyway.
  • STV . Decathlete - protection (reads gfx data via protection chip, descramble / decompress? scrambled registers..)
  • STV . Elandoree - protection, similar to above
  • STV . Astra SuperStars - protection, similar to above
  • STV . Final Fight Revenge - protection, supplies vectors etc. doesn't boot
  • STV . Tecmo World Cup 98 - protection, player / ball movements etc.
  • STV . Sports Fishing 2 - incomplete dump, needs MPEG decoder
  • Sys32 . F1 Super Lap - protection, and needs dual board emulating.
  • MegaPlay . Mazin Wars - would work if converted to use the HazeMD code. Game is very fussy about interrupt timing etc. (some MegaTech would benefit from this too - on Haze's todo list)
  • SystemE . Hang On JR - gfx corruption on hi-score table. Working better in HazeMD. David will port HazeMD over to MAME at some point.